Whisk & Paddle – Tebing Lane

Punggol seems to be an upcoming area for the recent cafe boom. Recently we have introduced Wayne’s Chill-Out at The Punggol Settlement, and now we have Whisk & Paddle which is situated at Tebing Lane.

 photo IMG_1761_zps80fbdfaa.jpg

There is really a cafe too many in Singapore these days, but Whisk & Paddle gives a really different feel that very few can offer. Being an open-air bistro, it is rather close to nature given the proximity of the reservoir nearby. It is also spacious, which offers loads of privacy as well as plenty of space to walk about. Their menu is pretty varied, though there are quite a bunch of items that are not available as they are in their soft launch phase. Expect mix-and-match breakfast plates, Eggs Benedict, waffles, pancakes, French Toasts if you are a fan of brunch, or if you are looking for proper food there are also pastas and mains too. There are also some bakes and cakes too, especially for those in just for a cup of coffee.

 photo IMG_1759_zpsf960fba6.jpg

(Paris Brest)

Because of the sheer amount of items unavailable, we decided to go for just cakes and pastries. I was particularly intrigued by the offering of Paris Brest here, which is quite a hard find within the cafe scene here. A pastry in hazelnut cream, the cream was rich and came with chocolate wafer balls for a crunch. The only issue with it was the pastry, which seemed a tad dry, but the deep flavours of the cream was able to make up for it.

 photo IMG_1757_zpse91cda43.jpg

(Earl Grey Lemon Loaf)

Another item which particularly caught my interest was the Earl Grey Lemon Loaf. Sufficiently dense and moist, its soft but not too crumbly, and adequately spiked with Earl Grey so you get a punch of that aromatic tea with each bite. Candied lemon added a zesty touch, which makes this really comforting. I found this a real good replica of my favourite Earl Grey Tea Cake that Brawn & Brains used to serve.

 photo IMG_1758_zpsc2d38778.jpg

(Flat White)

They use a Quattro blend for their coffee here, using beans from Colombia, Mexico, U.S. and Brazil. It was a pretty dark roast, which made for its heavy body that was bold on nuttiness and earthiness.

 photo IMG_1762_zpsdc5f4a5c.jpg

Whisk & Paddle is a great chill spot to unplug from reality; close-to-nature, spacious with great cakes. While most bakes are of reasonable prices, the coffee is slightly more pricier. Also one thing that quite bother me here; they actually do charge for GST and service charge, so our meal actually cost around $24 after prevailing charges. However if you do not mind the extra charges, this is a place that is pretty worth the shot. Would be back to try their cooked food soon though, when most items are available after their official opening!

Whisk & Paddle
10 Tebing Lane
Singapore 828836

Web Page: http://whiskandpaddle.com.sg/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/whiskandpaddlecafe


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