Rabbit Owl Depot – North Bridge Road

North Bridge Road seems to be seeing an explosion of cafes in the area lately; a week after Twenty Grammes’ opening, Rabbit Owl Depot has also started its operations right at the opposite end of North Bridge Road.

 photo IMG_1444_zps6c80a139.jpg

Similar concept as other ice-cream parlours around, Rabbit Owl Depot serves ice-cream in cones and cups, as well as their signature snowflake waffles. Beverages include coffee, tea and a selection of cold drinks as well.

 photo IMG_1442_zpsefe76708.jpg

(Snowflakes Waffles with Earl Grey Ice-Cream)

Going for the ice-cream, I decided to couple mine up with their signature Snowflake Waffles. Shaped like snowflakes, it looked pretty festive especially with the sprinkle of icing sugar over the top. It came with a wafting aroma of buttermilk, which was pretty evident in its taste. They were crisp and fluffy; perfect in its texture. The Earl Grey ice-cream was not only aromatic with the punch of flavour, but also had a milky, creamy touch. It was also sticky enough, and didn’t melt too quickly. I also got to try the Pineapple (a tart yet sweet flavour with bits of pineapple to chew on) and the Black Sesame (earthy and pungent, fully with a slight gritty texture); both were rather interesting.

 photo IMG_1443_zpsf97cbe16.jpg

(Flat White)

Coffee here is made from a blend of Colombian and Sumatran beans. Flat White was smooth and creamy, with a lightly fruity body and a nutty finish.

 photo IMG_1441_zps2039abc4.jpg

Despite their limited menu, Rabbit Owl Depot seems to be a small nook that serves pretty decent ice-cream and waffles in the heart of town; a great retreat after a day of hard work at the library. However, with so many places of the late that serves only strictly ice-cream, hopefully Rabbit Owl Depot would be able to stand out from the competition in the long run.

Rabbit Owl Depot
420 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188727

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rabbitowldepot/


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