Sinpopo Brand – Joo Chiat Road

Awfully Chocolate had recently given Sinpopo Brand a revamp. From the 1950s theme, they had decided to take on a contemporary approach, serving modern-local cuisine.

 photo IMG_1427_zpsf8ee7412.jpg

Much of the previous menu is no longer served, and replaced with new items. Certain items such as the Har Jeong Kai Chicken/Burger are existing items in the menu of their other dining concepts (e.g EwF by Everything with Fries). Prices have gone up by quite a fair bit though; familiar items are about twice the old price now.

 photo IMG_1430_zps6b54e611.jpg

(Ma Ling Luncheon Crisps)

For a side, we decided to get the Ma Ling Luncheon Crisps. Initially we almost ordered another side, since it sounded very much like typical luncheon meat fries. Wrong; they seemed to be crushed and mashed before deep-frying, thus crispy even though it retains the salty flavour of cured meat.

 photo IMG_1428_zps35d08e05.jpg

(Crispy Pork Belly Sandwich)

My obsession of Kong Bak Pau eventually led to us ordering the Crispy Pork Belly Sandwich. Deep-fried buns with crispy pork belly strips, wasabi mayonnaise and salsa, every bite comes crisp with the fried pork belly slices and golden-brown fried bun, as well as the refreshing crunch of salsa and a tinge of numbness of the wasabi mayo. This also came with a side of Rojak; pretty decent with its savoury-sweet flavours.

 photo IMG_1429_zpse4eb36ea.jpg

(Chilled Pandan Souffle)

We were initially intrigued with the Orange Kaya Pisang Creme Brûlée, but ended up with the Chilled Pandan Soufflé which seemed a tad more exciting. Glad to have ordered it though; according to the menu it was Pandan set in a “cottony soufflé served with almond streusel and sesame dentelle”. In all honesty, the Pandan soufflé had a consistency pretty near to a chewy ice-cream, and tasted very coconut-y. It also went very well with the salted crumbles, which added a crunch. For me, I loved the Pandan Soufflé, but the sesame dentelle caught more of my attention as it tasted really nostalgic, especially with the fragrance of sesame running through, replicating sesame cookies. The almond streusel did not work well for me though; it was a bit bland and did not seem to go with the other items on the plate.

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Sinpopo Brand has done well in its remodeling from an eatery replicating the 50s to a modern bistro serving local fusion. Having that said, I do miss their old offerings and environment that made Sinpopo carry a character of its own. It would also help if they are able to update their Facebook page more often; we were a bit stumped when we tried heading there for the first time only to see it closed without any reason stated on its social media pages.

Sinpopo Brand
458 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427671

Telephone: +65 6345 5034

Facebook Page:


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