Pantler – Telok Ayer Street

Situated doors away from My Awesome Cafe is Pantler, a new patisserie that had just recently opened to much hype along Telok Ayer Street in the Central Business District.

 photo IMG_1301_zpsd86cf3f4.jpg

Largely focusing on cakes, pastries and savouries such as Danishes, it is not just about desserts here; Pantler has also a couple of bakes meant to satisfy the lunch crowd whom may be looking for a light bite. I was actually spoilt for choice there because everything looked so good!

 photo IMG_1302_zps4ebd433d.jpg

(Potato Cheese Danish)

I was being recommended the Peppered Tuna Cube which was fresh out-of-the-oven, but decided to go against it after noticing those cut skin-on potatoes on the Potato Cheese Danish. Admittedly it was good, but being left on display in the open marred this pastry a little; the Danish became a wee bit limp and dry losing its original buttery, fluffy touch while the melted cheese was a bit stiff. Potatoes were really fresh, but I personally thought it would be really delicious if it was served hot out-of-the-oven.

 photo IMG_1332_zps6f2f9ad0.jpg

(Choux Creme)

Choux Creme was also recommended. I was expecting a puff pastry that was slightly salty, but it came with yet another surprise. This one felt a bit similar to Christmas ladyfingers in both taste and texture, and generously loaded with fresh and smooth Vanilla custard cream. This is one luxurious dessert that ladies would definitely be fond with.

 photo IMG_1338_zpsbcb4f701.jpg

(Pate De Fruits)

If you had seen Pantler’s Facebook page or Instagram, you would have found these Pate de Fruits familiar. These are flavoured fruit jellies; think of those you get in the supermarket in packs but way fresher because they are made in-house. They come in a variety of flavours, and comes in bundles of threes. I picked the Pineapple, Peach and Passionfruit and Blackcurrant flavours. Found the Peach & Passionfruit flavour rather unique; the subtle sweetness of peach and tartness of Passionfruit fused together seemed like a exquisite combination, while the Blackcurrant was pretty decent for sweet-tooths. Texture-wise, the jellies are a bit more solid than expected; maybe slightly firmer compared to a grape so do not expect these to be chewy. Despite that, it is definitely worth the try!

 photo IMG_1320_zpscde2fe7b.jpg

(Matcha Azuki Pound Cake)

Apparently I realized I missed trying their cakes, so I added a Matcha Azuki Pound Cake for takeaway as well. Unlike what I was expecting, this was surprisingly moist, but of the right density. It focused more on the Pound Cake; being more buttery with a light touch of matcha rather than being overwhelmingly bitter. Azuki brought in that earthy flavour at the bottom; pretty classy as well. For non-green tea fans, there are also several flavours to choose from, so you could perhaps find one that you fancy!

 photo IMG_1297_zps63ff2056.jpg

I have decided to forgo coffee as Pantler seems more of a bakes and cakes place than a cafe, but I have heard that they serve decent Lattes using blends from Dutch Colony Coffee. That would not stop me from visiting Pantler again for coffee however; there are a couple of cakes that seem really interesting that I would really want to give a try. Prices may be on the high side for some, but it seems rather reasonable for how it tastes and look. This would be a spot I am looking forward to revisit soon!

198 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068637

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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