Les Patisseries – Blk 186 Toa Payoh Central (Moved)

(Les Patisseries has moved to 222 Upper Thomson Road and has ceased operations at Blk 186 Toa Payoh Central. Updated address below.)

It appears that patisseries have gradually found their way into the heartlands, especially with the opening of Les Patisseries at Toa Payoh Central.

 photo IMG_0713_zps45020f40.jpg

Apart from home-made tarts and cakes that they sell here, they actually do have quite a wide range of menu items for a patisserie. For one, they also serve items such as all-day brunches, waffles, quiches and even dinner.

 photo IMG_0725_zps38f3d113.jpg

(Quiche Lorraine)

We were rather filled from our previous stop, so we decided to have the Quiche Lorraine for the savoury dish that we are going to try. The Quiche felt pretty well-balanced; are harmonious blend of smoked salmon, egg and cheese that made it savoury in different dimensions. The base was also crusty, but not hard which went well with the quiche’s soft texture.

 photo IMG_0704_zpse835c566.jpg

(French Apple Tart)

Having a couple of Apple Tarts before, I was expecting a very sweet dessert when I ordered the French Apple Tart. How wrong was I however, as the zingy flavour of the apple was retained in their version. The apple slices were also slight crunchy, though still soft. Underneath the layer of apples laid a sweet layer before the crust, which was sufficiently firm yet not hard to cut through. Not only did the tart look good, but it also felt premium as well!

 photo IMG_0721_zps647a1207.jpg


These little babies were labeled as Vanilla Macarons, but both of us thought it seemed pretty chocolatey. That aside, the macaron still held itself pretty well with each bite, and those feet it had were pretty as well. The filling was thick, but the chocolate flavour is not in any way too sweet nor bland; its of something in between that makes it easy to pop two or three of it without feeling sick of it.

 photo IMG_0727_zps1c0ea986.jpg

(Flat White)

Initially I didn’t want to try the coffee here, but my dining partner made me feel like as if I was missing something if I don’t since they actually use Pacamara blends (which OZ Specialty Coffee exclusively distributes). The Flat White was a tad milky, but the fruity notes were still noticeable within the light-bodied cuppa.

 photo IMG_0712_zps4f928c73.jpg

Being a neighbourhood patisserie, Les Patisseries not only delivers quality bakes, but also an interesting option to the heartlands. It also seemed to have gained some popularity with the office workers nearby as it was full-house when we arrived on a weekday lunch hour who were enjoying their all-day brunch items. Les Patisseries seems like a spot full of potential, and I would hope to see them pushing out more creative and innovative items in the future to improve on the variety of items they have to offer!

Les Patisseries
Blk 186 Toa Payoh Central
Singapore 310186

222 Thomson Road
Singapore 574354

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lespatisseries.com.sg


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