Lower East Side Tacqueria – East Coast Road

Our visit to the Lower East Side Tacqueria wasn’t an expected one. We were actually meant to visit the nearby Sinpopo Brand which had recently given a revamp but somehow was not opened despite stating that they had reopened and was supposed to be open on Tuesday afternoon. Well, sometimes things just ain’t the way its supposed to be.

 photo IMG_1022_zps90f386bb.jpg

Lower East Side Tacqueria is brought by the same guys from Spathe. Specialising in Mexican fare, expect Tacos and Quesadilla offered here, with some plated dishes for mains. There are also a variety of alcoholic drinks available, which makes this spot a great place to head to for some drinks and snacks at night.

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(The Campesinos)

We were in for lunch, but both of us came with our stomachs still relatively full from breakfast. Upon looking at the menu, we thought it would be wise for us to share a Quesadilla, which we chose The Campesinos. Described in the menu to contain Campesino Chorizo Sausages, Monterey Cheese and Tomato Salsa, we could not really detect the sausages as the filling seemed to be rather mashed up. There was also a interesting hint of curry spices within the filling, which went well with the cheesiness within. The dressing also complimented the Quesadilla well as it invoked a rather subtle touch of spiciness. It was not particularly up the mark, but its taste was very much decent for a light snack.

 photo IMG_1024_zpsf25c82d8.jpg


I can’t get enough of Churros, so I knew I had to get those when I first saw the menu. The sticks may be short, and though it was on the dry side being crunchy and on the edge of being too hard, it was also satisfying at the same time as there was enough cinnamon sugar coated on each stick. Chocolate dip was watery, but had just the right amount of flavour. Dipping these sticks into the dip, the chocolate flavour goes nicely on top of the cinnamon sugar, rather than overwhelming it totally.

 photo IMG_1020_zps6ba31673.jpg


Coffee ain’t exactly their forte actually. The Latte was rather milky, though there are traces of its nutty-flavoured body around. Could have been better though.

 photo IMG_1021_zps6ef97745.jpg

We were at Lower East Side Tacqueria for lunch, and we were actually surprised how we seemed to be the only people dining there for lunch. It might be the environment, but we reckon that this could be a good spot for dinner or after-dinner drinks. It has the right vibe, and while the food was not too outstanding it was decent. If you are looking for a place for small group drinking that is not too noisy or boisterous, Lower East Side Tacqueria seems to be a nice place to hit.

Lower East Side Tacqueria
19 East Coast Road
Singapore 428746

Web Page: http://www.lowereastsidesg.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lowereastside.sg


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