Hambaobao – Beauty World Food Centre

(Hambaobao has since reopened at Beauty World Food Centre from 3rd May 2017.)

Hambaobao seemed to have chosen a rather obscure spot for a burger stall of its calibre; the quiet and maybe even forgotten Beauty World Food Centre.

 photo IMG_09671_zps35870400.jpg

This new burger shop shares spaces with stalls selling largely local fare; pretty oddball from their neighbours. Its menu is also pretty limited, offering only five different burgers and fries.

 photo IMG_0965_zpsb7ab0830.jpg

(Broiled Dory Fish Burger)

My dining partner settled for Broiled Dory Fish burger. The burger came with red pepper, grilled zucchini, homemade tartar sauce and a Broiled Dory fillet. The broiled dory fillet was fresh and crisp, which gave a variant in texture to the burger, while I loved how the seasoned and grilled zucchini added flavour to the otherwise bland fish fillet. The buns were also soft, but I would have preferred it to be lightly grilled before serving. One thing I had issues with was the slice of cheese; not only did it look like it came from a Fillet-O-Fish, it also tasted as such, which quite affected the taste factor for the burger quite a fair bit.

 photo IMG_0964_zps91cd2386.jpg

(Spiced Pulled Pork Burger + Fairy Fries)

I ordered the Spiced Pulled Pork Burger with Fairy Fries. Coming with the same bun and cheese, the difference came with the Pulled Pork patty and that the zucchini and pepper got replaced by coleslaw. Pulled Pork was grilled to crisp, but as such ended up a bit on the dry side. I also did not like how the coleslaw dressing and cheese overwhelmed the taste of the pork, which was supposedly the star of the burger. It was just flat tasting, and a wee bit confused. The Fairy Fries are hand cut potato chips with skin-on, and while they are soft and well-filled with potato, it could have done well being less greasy.

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Hambaobao has a concept; serving gourmet burgers at an affordable price. The menu works, but I think they need to put in a bit more time to refine their recipes. It has the right formula, but the execution would have to be perfected in order for it to work.

Beauty World Centre
Blk 144 Upper Bukit Timah
Singapore 588177

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/hambaobaosg


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I didn’t know this place existed, but those burgers don’t look like real Bao. Is there only one of Hambaobao though or is it a franchise opportunity?

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Its newly opened. Sole-proprietor business.

  2. meds says:

    it actually looks quite good 🙂 pity about it tasting like fish filet (unless one’s a fan).

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      It’s my personal opinion though. You should head down if you are interested to see if it’s to your taste 🙂

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