RoyceMary Cafe – Victory8 (Closed)

(RoyceMary Cafe had since ceased operations.)

Victory8 sees yet another cafe opening again. In the same ground as Mootime and Something Sweet Dessert House, RoyceMary Cafe’s opening would make the cafe scene in the north a lot more vibrant and competitive.

 photo IMG_0073_zps74ca83d5.jpg

RoyceMary seems to be the largest of the the lot here, though unlike the other cafes it is way more hidden being tucked facing the inner road than the main road. The name is derived from the owner’s name; the boss Royce, and lady boss Mary who would politely greet everyone when they first step into the cafe. There is quite a choice of food available here, ranging from sandwiches, pastries and cakes to order from here. Drink variety is also huge; espresso-based coffee, chocolate, ice-blended, juices, Matcha … and the list goes on.

 photo IMG_0077_zpsf7640a45.jpg

(Salmon Asparagus Quiche)

Wanting to go for something light, I went with a quiche even though the sandwiches seemed a tad tempting. Out of the two quiches available, the Salmon Asparagus Quiche caught my eye. Prior to serving it, the quiche would be heated up. Mine seemed to take quite some time to get served. It came piping hot however, and I was surprised by how it tasted despite coming off from the display shelf. Not only was it fresh, the flaky pastry fell off neatly and was actually sufficiently buttery without feeling any bit greasy. The fillings were indeed savoury; cheesy enough without being too eggy, maintaining a bit of creaminess within. And nothing can ever go wrong with Smoked Salmon. The accompanying garden salad was similarly satisfying; despite its plain looks it had a zingy dressing which makes the fresh leaves even more refreshing to have.

 photo IMG_0079_zps93dfe691.jpg
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(Matcha Lava Cake)

I was actually pretty tempted by the Matcha Lava Cake that was served at To-Gather Cafe, so I was actually pretty glad to have found RoyceMary offering the same thing as well. There was an option to add a ice-cream, but I opted out of it as I was pretty much cashless that day. When served, the gooey puddle of Matcha in the centre was just simply eye-candy. Once it was cut, the lava just flowed endlessly. Matcha lava was not only thick, it was also rich. A dollop of cream also came by the side, and it was ingenious. When the cake got too overwhelming, just have a bit of cream and it just neutralises every flavour in the mouth. Simply fantastic.

 photo IMG_0075_zps6f7728e4.jpg

(Flat White)

For a drink, I went with my standard Flat White. RoyceMary Cafe’s choice of blend is one that uses 100% Arabica Beans from Ethopia. My cuppa came, smooth and creamy, though the body seemed too light as the coffee was rather milky. Maybe a double shot would help.

 photo IMG_0072_zps325068ac.jpg

During my visit to RoyceMary, the service by the owners was polite, attentive and sincere. Their hospitality could be felt, and they seemed to be willing to do whatever they can to satisfy their customer’s every needs. This is a level of service that is pretty hard to find in eating establishments these days. I am also pretty satisfied with food quality over here, though the coffee would require a bit more work. I was actually pretty tempted to try a few other items they serve, but there is just so much a stomach can handle. Guess I would probably make a few more visits here; being a North-sider its close proximity to me is a fact that I appreciate, and it definitely makes for even a better after-work chill spot considering the distance it is away from where I work!

RoyceMary Cafe
8 Jalan Legundi
Singapore 759274

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