Alfafa – Vivocity (Closed)

(Alfafa had since ceased operations.)

Taking over the former premises of Squirrel Bites, the small, largely takeaway stall serves up healthy wraps, sandwiches and salads; the opposite of what it used to be.

 photo IMG_0516_zps3cb83b47.jpg

As mentioned, sandwiches, wraps and salads are served here. Light bites are also served, such as muffins and fries as well.

 photo IMG_0514_zps591b14ab.jpg

(Turkish Chicken Kebab with Truffle Fries)

Preferring the wraps, I went for the Turkish Chicken Kebab. An addition of $1 upgrades it to a meal that includes a side (muffin or fries) and a cup of Ice Lemon Tea. I topped up another dollar to upgrade the regular fries to Truffle Fries. The wrap was decent, though the Kebab flavour was partly washed out by the amount of mayonnaise added. We hated the vegetables that came in it however, which was downright bitter and felt like as if it got doused in too much pesticide; quite a turn-off, but generally the wrap was passable and decent. The Truffle Fries was a winner; doused in enough truffle oil and crispy, these definitely brings shame to some cafes that serves mediocre versions of it.

 photo IMG_0513_zpse80a07e0.jpg

(Homemade Cured Salmon with Chocolate Chip Muffin)

My dining partner went for the Homemade Cured Salmon, upgraded it to a meal and opted for the Chocolate Chip Muffin. There is also a choice of bread, which he chose the Foccacia. It was a decent combination; crusty bread, savoury salmon, refreshing vegetables and a juicy tomato; a real healthy sandwich indeed. The muffin somehow looked oily on the exterior, but these were packed with enough chocolate chips, moist yet light and fluffy with a hint of Vanilla; a reminder to not judge a book by its cover.

 photo IMG_0517_zps56c30bf7.jpg

(Iced Lemon Tea)

Both of us got the Iced Lemon Tea that came with the set. Initially I was expecting it to be a canned drink but turned out to be a brewed tea with lemon slices inside. It was rather decent, but we thought it could be better if its less sweetened so as to bring out the tea’s aroma instead.

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Alfafa serves very decent healthy meals that’s pretty suitable for the working crowd. Unfortunately the shop’s location seems to do it a disfavor; after all the weekend shoppers would be enticed by the various dining options there. While we were satisfied, we wondered if they could survive in the long run, and we would definitely not mind seeing another Alfafa in the CBD area soon.

1 HarbourFront Walk
Singapore 098585

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