Chic-A-Boo – HillV2

Remember we did feature an eatery within an Ang Mo Kio coffeeshop with the same name some time back? Yes; they have since closed their Ang Mo Kio coffeeshop stall some time back and moved to HillV2; a new shopping-cum-residential development in Hillview.

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Chic-A-Boo is apparently yet another brand that is set up by the same owners behind Aston’s; apparently a fact that I only recently learnt about after reading a Facebook post by ieatishootipost, which probably told us why it actually was located beside an Aston’s Express stall when it was in Ang Mo Kio. The menu at the HillV2 outlet did seem pretty similar to the Ang Mo Kio one, and while prices still remain rather affordable there seems to be a rough increase about a dollar for all the sets.

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(Set 1)

Given that I had tried Set 1 previously at Ang Mo Kio, we decided to go for it again to see if they had made any improvements along with its move. The same deal goes; two sides, a corn muffin and two chicken parts with a soft drink. Chic-A-Boo does not allow their patrons to choose chicken parts, so you would have to do with a Drumstick and a Breast for Set 1. What’s good though is that you can mix flavours, which means you can actually order both Favourite and Hot ‘n’ Spicy in one set. Of the two, I preferred the Hot ‘n’ Spicy; its marination felt more thorough and the mild hotness did not kill that tangy flavour at the start. The Original was as tender, but felt less crisp, less thorough in marination and lacked a wow-factor to it. TCO Salad was an interesting side, but it was not the regular salad we were expecting; its zingy dressing is definitely refreshing especially after a fried meal as it felt like a Carpaccio instead. While the Sweet Potato Fries sounded enticing, it could have been better; more warm, more crisp and maybe slightly salty to tickle the taste buds. If anyone remembered my previous visit to the Ang Mo Kio outlet, you probably may have recalled that I was not too fond of the Corn Muffin. Glad to say they made major improvements to it now; its more crumbly and bread-like with the crusted top, and is no longer that greasy mushy mess that it was way back in the day!

 photo IMG_0676_zpsf3cf6087.jpg

(Fish Fillet Burger)

To try a wider variety of food, I decided to go for the Fish Fillet burger. Buns were heated upon serving, and you get a bit of crustiness from it as well. I also loved the Fish Fillet, served hot and crispy and felt similar to Long John Silver’s fish fillets when they used to be way better. The other ingredients; the lettuce, the tomatoes and that slice of cheese that looks like it came off a Kraft pack are simply too pedestrian and made the whole package felt kinda cheap. And yes, even at $4.50 I felt really confused about it; it just felt like a burger that came off from a stall in any coffeeshop.

 photo IMG_0660_zpsbada5170.jpg

If you do want to compare, Chic-A-Boo has definitely done a lot better now in its HillV2 outlet. They have fixed a couple of items with this new outlet, which I felt that the Fried Chicken sets feel more refined than before. Its also more comfortable as well; a cool hipster vibe rather than a coffeeshop stall. The burgers still require a bit more work though. This is a place you might want to check out if you are around Bukit Panjang and Bukit Batok as its a few bus stops away from both towns, especially if you are tired of mainstream fried chicken brands though I would not see myself rushing here for my second visit any time soon.

4 Hillview Rise
Singapore 667979

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