Something Sweet Dessert House – Victory8 (Closed)

(Something Sweet Dessert House had since ceased operations.)

Victory8 had definitely injected a lot of new eateries in the Sembawang neighborhood. We have previously covered Mootime, and now we are back to give Something Sweet a try.

 photo IMG_3558_zps4a9a7a38.jpg

While Mootime focuses more on ice-cream and cakes, Something Sweet offers local Chinese desserts such as Yam Paste and Pulut Hitam. It also serves waffles to cater to the ongoing craze about waffles.

 photo IMG_3557_zps923e3382.jpg

(Pulut Hitam)

I was pretty torn on which to order; the Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts and Pulut Hitam; my dining partner suggested me to go for the latter. Coming in a herbal tonic bowl, it’s presentation was pretty. On one look, it’s pretty smooth and thick, with ample coconut milk. Despite so, I felt that the Pulut Hitam was pretty bland, and it could do with a bit of sweetness as well.

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(Waffle with Matcha Ice-Cream)

My dining partner went for the Waffle with Matcha Ice-Cream. The menu’s description seemed plain, but the package was pretty wholesome; not only do you get a waffle with Matcha ice-cream, it comes with sliced fruits and a drizzle of maple syrup alongside a sprinkle of icing sugar. The sliced fruits were fresh; the banana was fine though the strawberry was a wee bit tart for me. Using the classic waffle batter, expect an eggy, buttery waffle that is crisp and fluffy. On the top; a Matcha ice-cream strong with its signature bitterness that should be an instant hit with matcha lovers; rich in flavour. It was indeed satisfying, and honestly would have easily hit as one of the better waffles served up here in the north.

 photo IMG_3559_zps57e7e57d.jpg

It’s not really fair for me to make a judgement; after all having had two items of which one was a local dessert I could not say if they are indeed better with waffles. One thing is for sure however; the Pulut Hitam does need a bit of fine-tuning to work. Despite so, Something Sweet offers a great option to this part of the island which had not really seen much cafe invasion until lately, and given its menu variety, they do seem to have a potential to see crowds for they have something for everyone. We would be back some day I hope, not only just for the waffles though; I am dying to give that Yam Paste with Gingko Nuts a try!

Something Sweet Dessert House
8 Jalan Legundi
Singapore 759274


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Grace says:

    Hey maybe you like food with a stronger taste but a light hand with the sugar is better for all customers as not everyone like to have food with a strong taste. If you feel that it is not sweet enough you can always request for them to put a bit more coconut milk in your dessert. A gentle reminder; you can always add coconut milk into the Pulut Hitam, but once you have added too much you can’t remove it from the dessert.

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Hi Grace!

      I think you have misunderstood my intentions. Understand the fact about the differences in preferences and having less is better than having more and unable to remove it. I actually pretty much like how light the desserts went and really enjoyed them as it was. 🙂


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