Segar Restaurant – Chinatown Point

Segar Restaurant is a tzechar restaurant that had been operating in Chinatown Point for quite a while now.

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Part of the P2E Group which is known for similar tzechar concepts such as West Co’z Cafe and A-Poh Kitchen. Menu revolves around tzechar favourites, and a small selection of desserts as well.

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(Sambal Kang Kong)

First to arrive the table was Sambal Kang Kong. Mediocre at best, the only problem we had with it was the initial saltiness of the dish, but dig in more and the spiciness will eventually start to sink in,

 photo IMG_3285_zps8e06c073.jpg

(Fu Yong Omelette)

Fu Yong Omelette came with crisp edges and a fluffy interior. What left us slightly confused was the runny consistent in the centre; was it left that way deliberately or not cooked through? Apart from that, we also found that they were pretty miserable with the condiments inside as well.

 photo IMG_3286_zps7b2a9c9e.jpg

(Sweet & Sour Fish Slices)

Sweet and Sour Fish Slices were also a wee bit miserable in portion. While the sweet and sour sauce was mediocre at best, its worth noting that the fish was fresh and the fried batter was really crispy despite doused in sauce.

 photo IMG_3287_zps985192cd.jpg

(Salted Egg Yolk Prawns)

We love Salted Egg Yolk Prawns, but the gravy was not thick enough as the flavour seemed to stop short somewhere. Also, the gravy was not really mixed onto the prawns, leaving both ingredients very much on their own. Did not find the wetness of the prawns particularly appealing as well.

 photo IMG_3289_zps5a8d12e0.jpg

(Steamed Tapioca)

For a sweet end, we went with the Steamed Tapioca. Served chilled, the softened Tapioca pieces absorbed the thick coconut milk, which made it pretty flavourful and appropriate as the sweet treat to end the meal.

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While the quality of the food was pretty much mediocre, the prices seemed somewhat reasonable. While I would not be back for the food for how it tasted, it does make for a good dining option at Chinatown Point if you are uncertain on what to have.

Segar Restaurant
Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Rd
Singapore 059413

Telephone: +65 6438 0095

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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