Savis Food – Golden Mile Food Centre (Moved)

(This stall has since moved from Golden Mile Food Centre to Kopitiam Square at Sengkang and subsequently moved again to 15 Phillip Street. Updated address below.)

Savis Food is a new western stall that had been operating for about a month at Golden Mile Food Centre.

 photo IMG_0446_zpsb7622aa8.jpg

One of the specialties here would be the customized pastas, where one can choose between two noodle types and a variety of sauces and other condiments to make the pasta their own. Apart from that, they also do sell Grilled Chicken Chop and other sides as well.

 photo IMG_0447_zps9d0faca0.jpg

(Grilled Chicken Chop)

Despite the mix-and-match pasta being the focus here, I noticed a number of patrons giving their Grilled Chicken Chop a try too, which I eventually decided to do the same. The Grilled Chicken Chop comes with two fixed sides; sautéed vegetables and truffle fries. For a hawker centre stall, the Grilled Chicken surpassed my expectations in all aspects; not only was it tender and crisp in the skin, the Rosemary seasoning was strong and easily detected as its aroma went through the juicy slab of chicken. Sautéed vegetables was also interesting as the vegetables were crunchy and had strong hints of garlic for flavour. Truffle Fries were disappointing however; we would say that the fries are good if they are normal fries as they were thick, crispy and fluffy. It just had no truffle aroma; not even a whiff, which was pretty strange.


Savis Food serves pretty decent western fare at Golden Mile Food Centre, where there is a lot of competition coming from stalls selling delectable local fare. It certainly does give the office workers an interesting option if they were to fancy western fare. Probably the only thing they have to work on would be on the truffle, or else there is pretty much nothing to fault about their food here.

Savis Food
15 Phillip Street
Singapore 048694

Facebook Page:


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