Artistry – Jalan Pinang (Closed)

(Artistry had since ceased operations.)

Being in the cafe scene since 2012, Artistry had been through several changes to keep up with times. Opened as an art gallery cafe, Artistry often holds as a venue for art exhibitions and for musical gigs. Initially serving only coffee and cakes, times have since changed and they have also offered a food menu since last year. Recently, Artistry had started serve up alcoholic drinks, such as Craft Beers and their own Cocktail mixes, and they also have revamped part of their menu to offer cafe favourites with local infusions.

 photo IMG_28971_zps10d67720.jpg

Most of the menu remains unchanged; they are still serving popular items such as their Truffle Fries, Artistry Crab Burger and Belgian Waffles. However, they have removed a few items such as the PB&J French Toast in lieu of the introduction to local-infused dishes such as the Kaya & Butter French Toast and Nasi Lemak Burger.

 photo IMG_2895_zps3ff65771.jpg

(Kaya & Butter French Toast)

I was not able to try Artistry’s famed PB&J French Toast as I am allergic to peanuts, which I was pretty glad that they now serve the Kaya and Butter variant so I am finally able to give it a try. It is not difficult to see why everyone is simply in love with their French Toasts; the moist egg-battered bread was pillowy soft, fluffy and well stuffed with Kaya and Butter. Served with a scoop of Coconut Ice-Cream on top and coconut shavings, the Kaya’s signature Pandan flavour was well complimented by the aromatic Coconut Ice-Cream and enhanced with the shavings which was light yet flavourful. We were also appalled by how the inclusion of butter did not make the French Toast feel greasy at all. A simple dish that infuses local flavours, but yet feels indulging and comforting to have as it is not only impressive, but close to home as well.

 photo IMG_2867_zpscfda6aa5.jpg

(Roast Beef Croissant)

It was my dining partner’s first time to Artistry as well, and he went for the Roast Beef Croissant which was carried over from the old menu. Usually I am not one who would be in favour of croissant sandwiches, but this one blew me away with its light and flaky pastry skin and buttery interior; it barely felt sickening despite its size. The roast beef filet is sliced thin, but was generous and was not too gamey, and combined with the vegetables and the creamy scrambled eggs, was a very hearty and wholesome combination. The portion was also rather huge for a single person; my dining partner was impressed by taste but found it difficult to finish as it was too big for him. Maybe our appetites are just smaller than the average individual.

 photo IMG_2869_zpsa6378aa0.jpg

(Flat White)

Artistry had been known to serve coffee made from blends of Liberty Coffee, which is also one of my favourite roasters from Singapore. Their Flat White was smooth and creamy, had nutty and chocolate notes with a medium body; the signature flavour profile of Liberty Coffee blends.

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Being one of the more popular cafes in Singapore despite its age, it is little wonder as Artistry takes pride in whatever they do; be it on the events that day hold, the service or the food they serve. Service staff were rather hospitable and attentive, noticing small details such as uncleared cutlery at the communal seating in the middle of the cafe and moving patrons from outdoor to indoor seating when indoor seating is preferred and available. Their food is also generally faultless and impressive, and their new items in the revamped menu takes it further as it not only sounds creative, but works well together too. Finally I am now able to understand why one of my cafe-going friend lists this place as one of his top favourites for coffee, and it would not be too long before I would make my return visit too, I hope.

17 Jalan Pinang
Singapore 199149

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