Smor – One Raffles Place

Smor is a new deli that had recently opened at One Raffles Place, which gives office workers there yet another dining option from the various eateries already situated there.

 photo IMG_0394_zpseec1893e.jpg

Run by a Caucasian, Smor focuses on Scandinavian sandwiches and offers a variety to choose from. Interesting beverages include Danish Egg Coffee and Scandinavian Nektar. They also retail several Scandinavian food products for home use in their display fridge beside the cashier.

 photo IMG_0391_zps378f6b66.jpg

(Smoked Salmon with Brioche)

At Smor, sandwiches can be easily customised. There are various condiments to make your choice from, and that the bread can be picked from three options. You could also decide to have an open-top, or go for a standard closed sandwich. Since we were going for something light, we went with the Smoked Salmon with Brioche. Their Brioche had a cake-like consistency; something we found very interesting. Smoked Salmon slices were pretty fresh, and its savoury flavour went well with the sweetness from the honey that went on top of it. More interesting was the fish roe; not only was it umami, it gave a nice popping sensation when they burst in the mouth!

 photo IMG_0390_zps6ea9048f.jpg

(Roast Beef with Onions with Light Rye)

We also tried their Roast Beef with Onions, going with their Light Rye bread. We found the Light Rye a bit tough and stiff as we had a bit of difficulty pulling it apart, and while the Roast Beef was pretty flavourful, there were some parts that were cooked through while some places still left pink; not really consistent. We did love the caramalised onions; it did add a refreshing sweetness that otherwise would have made the sandwich felt rather heavy.


We wanted to give the unique beverages a try, but were a bit on a tight budget because the visit here was not really planned for. Nonetheless, we loved what they had to offer, and we reckon that this place would be filled with office workers who are looking for both a light bite or a good breakfast to start their day with. Can’t wait to try the unique beverages soon!

One Raffles Place
Singapore 048616

Facebook Page:ør/528378870617792


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