Dutch Colony Coffee Co. – Frankel Avenue

Dutch Colony Coffee had been expanding its operations of the late, having recently moved its roastery to an industrial district out of its stall at Pasarbella and now, its second outlet at Frankel Avenue.

 photo IMG_3543_zpsa5c7795c.jpg

I am hardly one who get moved by decor, but this place was just impressive. On the outside, it quite replicated how a cafe in Australia would have looked like, and it continues into the interior. The chandelier and communal table in the middle, the mockup alfresco seating that is covered by the glass roof to shelter patrons away from Singapore’s gruesome heat and the wide aisle in front of the counter all reminds me of interiors of cafes overseas I have seen on Instagram; its as though this place was modeled from Instagram, for Instagram. Food menu features a range of sandwiches and cakes, as well as some plated desserts, and then a variety of coffee that’s pretty much why you would visit this place for.

 photo IMG_3540_zps1641a884.jpg

(Portobello Road)

Visiting Dutch Colony Coffee Co with an empty stomach, I decided to go for something light, which made the Portobello Road seemed pretty apt for me. It’s basically a Portobello open-faced sandwich (a fact that I liked even though I failed to read this when I was ordering) with feta cheese, rocket and tomatoes. This took quite a while to arrive though, but I was surprised by how big it actually is when it came; it looked more like a open-faced burger than a sandwich. Took a bite of the toasted bread; crisp, light and fragrant, as though the sourdough bread was just freshly-baked.  Then comes the two fat and juicy Portobello patties which were soft yet full-on earthy, with that small touch of savoury from the Feta scattered all over the mushrooms. Tomatoes were zesty and refreshing especially when the juices burst with every cut with the knife. And then comes the rocket that’s drizzled in a flavourful balsamic dressing. If this ain’t food porn, I don’t know what would be.

 photo IMG_3546_zpsc3dd2116.jpg

(Banana Bread with Espresso Butter)

I was also very intrigued by the Banana Bread with Espresso Butter, so I ended up getting one after finishing the sandwich. The Banana Bread was not what I expected, but the soft, sweet and fragrant bread with banana bits was still very satisfying, and made more addictive with the crunchy crust on the top after its being heated up. Only thing that needed improvement was the Espresso Butter, which was claimed to be spread atop before serving but did not taste of anything somehow. Maybe I was still thinking of the one I had at Drury Lane a while back …

 photo IMG_3545_zpsdd99a08d.jpg

(Flat White)

And how could you ever hit Dutch Colony Coffee without trying their coffee? Their Flat White was on the smooth and creamy side, but you could actually taste that nutty and sweet chocolate tones from their Dutch blend as well.

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One of the beautiful things about cafe hopping is being able to see how places actually grow from small establishments when they first started, and it is indeed interesting to see how Dutch Colony Coffee had evolved from that humble roastery it was at Pasarbella to this outlet at Frankel Avenue. While they are still on soft launch mode when we visited, to check them out on 19 September, which is the tentative date for their official launch as they would offer the full menu as well. Everything seems promising for now, and I would see myself dropping by occasionally just to slip myself into that relaxing environment with a cuppa and a book to chill.

Dutch Colony Coffee Co.
113 Frankel Avenue
Singapore 458230

Web Page: http://www.dutchcolony.sg/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Dutch.Colony.Coffee


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