The Dough Shoppe – Kampong Bahru Road (Closed)

(This F&B establishment has since ceased operations.)

Kampong Bahru seems to have no lack of cafes; there is already Strangers Reunion, Waffle Slayer, Highlander Coffee and various other players in the area. And now there is one more; The Dough Shoppe.

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The Dough Shoppe is not really a new player in the local cafe scene though. It is in fact opened by Le Bijoux; the same people that opened Freshly Baked at Killiney Road that sella mainly bread and sandwiches. Unlike Freshly Bakes, The Dough Shoppe has a wider variety of menu items, such as all-day breakfasts, mains for dinner as well as cakes.

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Once we were seated, we were presented a complimentary bread basket that contained three different types of bread. One had raisin, the other had cranberries and one was plain. We forgot to ask which type of bread they were, but I had a particular liking with the raisin one as it was particularly fluffy yet having crystals of sugar for a bit of sweetness.

 photo IMG_0336_zps7dfcd46f.jpg

(Soup of The Day – Tomato Soup)

My dining partner went for the set lunch deal, which enables one to have a cup of coffee, a Soup of the Day and a Sandwich. Soup of the Day was a tomato soup, which was smooth and creamy and had heavy hints of garlic; pretty tasty. Coming at the side was yet another slice of bread, but this one was just crunchy and pretty interesting to have with the soup.

 photo IMG_0344_zps60eac25b.jpg

(Pulled Pork Sandwich with Homemade Sauce)

It was not long before the Pulled Pork Sandwich with Homemade Sauce arrived. The Pulled Pork sandwiches that I have had usually has miserable portions of Pulled Pork; this one was generous. We loved how crisp the bread was, and it was also fluffy without being dense at all. Pulled Pork was tender, and the homemade sauce seemed a tad tangy yet smoky; similar to BBQ sauce but with a twist of tomato though we cannot be sure about it. Even the chips were awesome; it was crisp and well seasoned with salt and pepper, giving it a pinch of fiery flavour everytime we pop one into our mouth.

 photo IMG_0350_zps2599ec0e.jpg

(Steak & Eggs)

My Steak & Eggs came subsequently, and while the portion of steak was a bit miserable it was still quite huge for how big the sides were. Cooked medium-well, the beef was juicy, and though not the most tender I have had, it was still of pretty decent tenderness. I also liked that the beef did not taste gamey at all. The sunny side-up was done crispy at the bottom, but the yolk was still flowy. Fries were fluffy, but I was not too big a fan of the Cream Corn dressing that came on it, though it did work well with the fries as they did not come seasoned with salt. Most impressive was the Garden Salad; fresh greens with Vinegarette dressing spiked with Wasabi. Each bite comes with a small hint of numbness that does not hurt, but does tickle the taste buds somehow.

 photo IMG_0356_zps1e56fc78.jpg

(Lemon Drizzle Cake)

To end off the meal, we went for a Lemon Drizzle Cake. The base of the cake seemed to be a Vanilla cake that seemed to be pretty dense, but made refreshing as the Lemon Drizzle was really strong and went through the whole cake. The glazing also added a bit of sweetness and zingy flavour to make the whole cake work.

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Despite the many items that was being ordered, I left The Dough Shoppe reasonably full. The food was enjoyable, and the staff were rather attentive too. If you are one who is looking for non-pretentious grub rather than a hipster setting, this would be the spot at Kampong Bahru that you should head to.

The Dough Shoppe
61 Kampong Bahru Road
Singapore 169368

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