Holy Cow Creamery – Blk 292 Yishun Street 22

Apparently cafe owners have recently discovered the lack of cafes in the north, and now there is an invasion of cafes around the Sembawang and Yishun area.

 photo IMG_0302_zps86154783.jpg

Holy Cow Creamery is a new ice-cream parlour situated in Yishun that was only opened for the third day when I visited. Most of their flavours here are a bold mix of various ingredients, with a few simpler ones to suit purists. You could choose to go for ice-cream in cones, waffles or even the classic bread combination; pretty flexible. Apart from ice-cream, they also serve beverages such as tea from Gryphon and coffee from Santino.

 photo IMG_0300_zpsbf934823.jpg

(Mao Shan Wang Ice-Cream)

After a disappointing waffle earlier on, I skipped having a waffle and went for a cone. Prior to ordering, I requested to try three different flavours; Honeycomb, Miss Saigon and Mao Shan Wang; all of which were pretty impressive as they were smooth, creamy and held out their intended flavour well. I went for the last of the three; its pungent flavour caught me the very moment I tasted it and felt as though I was having the buttery flesh of the actual fruit. It was that hard to resist. I had no idea if the cones were made in-house, but they were pretty fresh, fragrant and crunchy.

Following our first visit, I found myself coming back two days later with a group of two others to try out more flavours.

 photo IMG_3539_zpsccb53e24.jpg

(Honeycomb – Left, Miss Saigon – Right)

Especially craving for the Miss Saigon and Honeycomb I had the other day, I went for a double scoop of both flavours. Miss Saigon was an interesting flavour that features Vietnamese Drip Coffee, and the flavour shone for being not just a typical coffee-flavoured ice-cream. What you get is pretty similar to a thick Vietnamese Drip Coffee with milk, less the flowery accents. It’s light without being overly sticky, but smooth to down as well. Honeycomb was sweet, and tasted like popcorns with its chewiness; easily a favourite of my dining partner who has an extremely sweet-tooth for his ice-cream. Both also specifically mentioned the following flavours interesting: Mr Potato Head (Chocolate Chip + Potato Chip; sweet chocolate bits that also had a hint of savoury that’s pretty akin to sea salt), Pomegranate Mint (refreshing and cooling) and the Pistachio (heavy on nuttiness.)

 photo IMG_0304_zps3656e7ea.jpg

Holy Cow Creamery has indeed wow-ed me with what it has to offer, and I am certainly impressed with the quality of ice-cream they are serving. This is really a worthy addition to the north, and I would be back really soon to try out what I had been missing out from my first visit!

Holy Cow Creamery
Blk 292 Yishun St 22
Singapore 760292

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HolyCowCreamery.SG


13 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks like a nice addition to the ice cream cafés in SG, like Milky Way and Daily Scoop.

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Agreed, especially in the north since there ain’t much of cafes around up here 🙂

  2. Richmond says:

    I live right across holycow. Their waffles are the bomb. Cookies and cream as well as chocolate flav is the best. No go on kookie monster, thai milk tea and raisins and rums.

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Guess I have to make a trip down for their waffles real soon! 😀

  3. Daniel Foo says:

    hi Jiak simi 🙂 I’ve put a reference to this article on my blog. cheers ,Dan

  4. Ellen Goh says:

    Popped by too over the weekend after reading your review! Had the Pomegrante Mint – very refreshing! A bit crowded and even caught sight of the Minister (K Shanmugam??) who was there buying ice-cream haha.. Maybe he read your blog too while looking for a chill out place. =)

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Glad that you enjoyed your visit! That’s really interesting to hear 🙂

  5. Northpark says:

    I’m still surprised at the hidden treasures that can be found in our humble Yishun. good read!

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Me too, especially since I reside in the north too. Thank you 🙂

  6. anu says:

    gd to hear about it. it is wonderful for us staying in yishun to see it.

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