Three Years In A Balloon – Upper Paya Lebar Road (Closed)

(Three Years in a Balloon had since ceased operations.)

Belonging to the Wimbly Lu family, Three Years In A Balloon is the third of three outlets that Wimbly Lu currently operates.

 photo IMG_3400_zps9583d937.jpg

Three Years In A Balloon is probably the most interesting out of the three; its name has suggested that it possibly is something more than just Wimbly Lu. From the decor which feels much brighter despite being industrial-themed to the menu items where bakes of local-fusion are available, the difference in branding is skin-deep. It is also worth noting that Three Years In A Balloon also operates as a confectionary and do take orders for customised cakes

 photo IMG_3392_zps15a5bdab.jpg

(Kaya Butter Pudding)

I cannot get enough of coconut-infused flavours (pretty evident of the late if you had been keeping tabs with my posts), which is why I decided to get the Kaya Butter Pudding. Replicating the Bread & Butter Pudding, the only difference was that this was soaked in Kaya to bring out that locally-infused flavour. Despite being warmed, the top layer of the pudding felt a wee bit stiff, as it still had a bit of the tension when pulled. Inside, it was moist and slightly custardy but not as pillowy soft as I would have imagined it to be, and the pandan fragrance was a wee bit weak. While I would not say that it was bad, it was not impressive enough for me to remember it.

 photo IMG_3393_zpsb943c0af.jpg


Originally wanting to skip the waffles, I eventually went for them again because I felt the need to pitch the ones from Little Wimbly Lu as many have commented that those at Little Wimbly Lu did not match the standards set by the main outlet. After trying these ones from Three Years In A Balloon, I could see why; the batter used here was indeed more fragrant, more eggy and more buttery. It was also crispier in comparison, and gave a wow-factor as I went on with every bite. Forget the ones at Little Wimbly Lu; these are definitely way beyond that!

 photo IMG_3397_zps9692ee34.jpg

Three Years In A Balloon, may be their third outlet, but it does not feel like a publicity stunt made in order to make everyone remember about them again. Sure, there may be certain hits and misses, but the variety served here warrants another visit even if you have tried their other two cafes. And given its location, this certainly makes a better destination especially if you are craving for some great waffles but not wanting to join the crowd at both Wimbly Lu or Little Wimbly Lu.

Three Years In A Balloon
163 Upper Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 534857

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Facebook Page:


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