Kki Sweets – School Of The Arts (Moved)

(Kki Sweets is in the midst of reopening at a new space at Downtown Gallery. Updates would be made as more details come.)

Having taken a hiatus of eight months after the closure of its Ann Siang Hill shophouse space, Kki Sweets is back, and at a more convenient location situated in Dhoby Ghaut.

 photo IMG_3366_zpscbdc0f0e.jpg

Located in SOTA, the new store is bright, simple and contemporary. The white walls and the wooden tables just feels modern yet Japanese. We visited on the very first day that they had reopened, and they were serving a small selection of cakes that were previously being sold in Ann Siang Hill.

 photo IMG_3386_zps0a200b13.jpg
 photo IMG_3388_zps48abec83.jpg


Kki Sweets is known for their soft-core mousse cakes. Antoinette is a white chocolate mousse cake encasing a Mango puree centre. The mousse was light, smooth and fluffy, and it had a subtle hint of white chocolate that could be tasted but does not flood the tastebuds with sweetness. The mango puree centre was more sweet than sour, but added a nice fruity tang to the mousse that sits atop a vanilla sponge cake.

 photo IMG_3387_zps8430fa96.jpg
 photo IMG_3389_zps0f6d9aff.jpg


Its not difficult to see the reason why this cake is named Onigri; it is just shaped like one. Similar to the Antoinette, it is Basil Dark Chocolate mousse encasing a Bitter Orange puree. Again, that subtle flavour of dark chocolate went well with the slightly intense citrus flavour of the puree, but I had never expected that Basil could even compliment dark chocolate. A bold flavour that had been tested and proven (think orange-infused chocolate), this cake was pretty much an eye opener for me.

 photo IMG_3390_zps78181a9d.jpg

(Lightly-Sweetened Japanese Coffee)

Probably it was the cakes that override the flavour, but I could not really find the sweetness of the Lightly-Sweetened Japanese Coffee. Despite that, it was a nice balance of acidity and earthiness that makes it enjoyable after indulging the sweet stuff earlier.

 photo IMG_3363_zps6aa65e99.jpg

I can’t compare the quality of their sweets from the past, especially since I had not been to Kki Sweets when they were at Ann Siang Hill. However, I find the their cakes worth every single cent; the detail in texture and flavour has been well taken care of, and it delivers in quality. Even the service is heartwarming and sincere despite minimal service is provided. If you are a fan of Kki Sweets in the past and having strong cravings, why not head down to see if they had maintained their standards. And if you are like me and had not been there before, please do yourself a favour and have a taste on their sweets; its really that awesome.

Kki Sweets
School of the Arts (SOTA)
1 Zubir Said Drive
Singapore 227968

Web Page: http://www.kki-sweets.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/kki.sweets


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  1. Jason says:

    “can’t compare the quality of their sweets from the past, especially since I had not been to Kki Sweets when they were at Ann Siang Hill. ”

    Doesn’t make sense with the word ‘especially’. The word indicates you have more than one reason when in fact, you only have one reason.

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Hi Jason

      Noted about the grammar and would edit it asap. Thanks for the correction! 🙂


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