Comnam – Raffles City

Right after killing off the Canele brand in Singapore, Les Amis Group introduces a new dining concept involving Vietnamese cuisine again following the success of Nam Nam Noodle Bar. Comnam is the latest offspring of the Les Amis Group, which ventures into areas untouched by Nam Nam Noodle Bar.

 photo IMG_3145_zps98d8c81a.jpg

Although Comnam and Nam Nam Noodle Bar are both Vietnamese eateries, Comnam focuses on rice bowls and rice soups. Serving a traditional Vietnamese cuisine, Comnam aims to beat the convention where broken rice are being seen as peasant’s food. It is also known that broken rice has a texture similar to couscous, which makes it easier for the rice grains to absorb flavours from other ingredients, thus more flavourful than usual rice.

 photo IMG_3119_zps17d888c7.jpg

(Pork Cutlet Broken Rice Bowl)

Settling for the rice bowl, I went for the Pork Cutlet rice bowl. Rice bowls are customizable with two options; Kimchi Brown Rice or the Vietnamese Broken Rice. Since it was the signature of Comnam, I went with the latter. Sure enough, the rice was lightly flavoured with coconut, which was aromatic. The Pork Cutlet was crispy as well, and the top seemed to be marinated with prawn paste, which gave it another dimension of savouriness apart from the hint of lemongrass it carried. Pickled vegetables were crunchy and refreshing being a mix of sweet and sour, and it even came with an omelette which seems pretty similar to Japanese tamago. Priced at $9.90, this was a steal considered its portion; too huge for me to finish.

 photo IMG_3118_zpsc5fcd296.jpg

(Fried Bananas)

Sounding rather delicious on the menu was the Fried Bananas. Unlike the usual ones we have featured occasionally, it comes with coconut cream and sesame instead of caramel. The result was amazing; the sweetness of the bananas coming in harmony with neutral flavour of thick coconut cream. A pity the batter seemed a tad thick as it felt a wee bit doughy, but was not really too disturbing anyway.

 photo IMG_3120_zps82503db2.jpg

(Vietnamese Coffee with Milk – Hot)

If anything, the Vietnamese Coffee with Milk did not feel a single bit Vietnamese. It did not carry a flowery accent like most of those I had tried, besides it tasted a bit too bitter and burnt at the end. Barely satisfying.

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Did Les Amis do the hat trick again with Comnam just like how it did with Nam Nam? I would say that they did with the food; affordable and of reasonable quality yet delicious. We had a bit of issue with the service however; its concept of seating allocated to patrons upon entrance but self-service ordering at the counter seemed pretty messy. The single seatings were always at risk of being taken by patrons who just streamed in while the original occupant is at the cashier ordering his food, which became an admin disaster when the food gets served eventually to the wrong person; hopefully they could find a more efficient service system soon. Otherwise I don’t see why you should not visit Comnam soon; it has all the things that most would look for in a Vietnamese cuisine; plus they are probably the only ones selling Broken Rice in Singapore anyway ….

Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103

Website (Les Amis Group):

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  1. I did not know about Comnam until now. Interesting about the rice dishes. Will need to try them. But those banana fritters (pisang goreng) look amazing! Very hard to find good ones in Singapore apart from Yummi Bites, and Lim Kee at Maxwell.

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