Whale & Cloud – Niven Road (Closed)

(Whale & Cloud had since ceased operations.)

Word had gone around about a cafe that is situated in the back alley within the vicinity of Little India, which had been a well-kept secret within cafehoppers who were looking for a quiet enclave to avoid hipster cafes that are now filled with noisy and pretentious patrons.

 photo IMG_2437_zps13ead829.jpg

It takes a while to find Whale & Cloud, because one would not even know the existence of the cafe from the right side of the road. And even if you find the cafe, the operating hours are so random that one would likely to find it closed all the time.

 photo IMG_2361_zps74a65825.jpg

Knock on the door and walk in when you have the chance, and it’s a sanctuary in there. It may be small and cramped, but the red bricked walls, the hanging plants, the cinema seatings all just blends so well with each other its not even claustrophobic, but cosy and peaceful.

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(Coffee with Milk)

The menu is just simple; Coffee and Coffee with Milk. When there are cakes, there would be cakes. Complimentary cup of nostalgic gem biscuits with every cup of coffee, and each cup of coffee is charged on tip basis. Being avid travelers, the owners of Whale & Cloud sources the blends that they use from all over the world. A while ago, it was said that they were using blends from Omotesando Coffee in Japan. Ours was made with Water Avenue Coffee from Portland. Sad to say though our Coffee with Milk was a bit too watered down, and it was served at a temperature slightly higher than usual as it scalded our tongue on our first sip.

 photo IMG_2362_zpsac792bd9.jpg

With more bloggers giving Whale & Cloud a feature, it’s a pity that this once-quiet spot had gave its secret away and instead turned into another highly-sought hipster spot that is flooded with people which is why I had decided to post about this place. Honestly, the coffee is not exactly the attracting factor, but the novelty of catching it while it is open and the serene atmosphere are really alluring. But as they always say,

“Many shall seek, but not all shall find”

Whale & Cloud
48 Niven Road
Singapore 228396

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