Seriously Ice Cream – Blk 4 Everton Park (Closed)

(This F&B establishment has since ceased operations.)

Everton Park had seen its fair share of cafe invasions ever since the first one opened its doors; now it is also home to newly-opened ice-cream parlour, Seriously Ice Cream, which was recently featured in various channels such as 8 Days Eat app and recently got filmed for their ice-cream making process in Channel NewsAsia according to their Facebook Page.

 photo IMG_2894_zpsfc2d85c5.jpg

Being an ice-cream parlour, it serves ice-cream in cups or with waffles. Apart from ice-cream, there is also a savoury waffle on the menu, as well as coffee and a couple of bakes such as brownies and apple crumble.

 photo IMG_2893_zps2962929c.jpg

(Malibu Pineapple)

Malibu Pineapple was probably one of the more decent flavours that I have tried from the display freezer. The alcoholic-infusion made this flavour felt rather dreamy, and that the pineapple was able to induce a sweet-sour zest into the ice-cream. We were not really sure if it was made to be this way, but the ice-cream here seemed to be of a ice slush consistency that may not appeal to some.

 photo IMG_2892_zpse6cda375.jpg

(Honey Rosemary)

Honey Rosemary is one of those flavours that they serve that seemed a bit unconventional. Rosemary is often seen as a spice that is used in marination of meat to enhance the meat’s flavour. Its incorporation into an ice-cream flavour tricks the tastebuds, as it is a taste profile that is rarely detected in cold desserts. The honey used seemed pretty natural as it came without tasting too artificial, nor was there any cloying sweetness. Due to the fact that the ice-cream here had a ice slush consistency and that this flavour takes two unconventional ingredients that is often not associated together, it seems more of an acquired taste that not all would be able to appreciate.

 photo IMG_2896_zps2d62da17.jpg

We generally found the flavours of Seriously Ice Cream creative and daring, but not many of them went well together as we tried from the display freezer. It was also worth noting that they were cooking up a savoury waffle when we came into the store, which involved cheese and ham, but the whole shop was filled with a sharp and pungent odour that seemed to come from a strong tasting cheese that seemed a tad revolting and even got some of its patrons so disturbed that they hastily left even before placing an order. While we do appreciate the effort that eateries are taking to incorporate new flavours by infusing different cuisines together, there is a fine line drawn between those that actually work or those made purely for statement. There were a few flavours which seemed flat, while some were confusing and taste nothing like its description. We really hope that the owners would take note about this and improve on the feedback gathered; this is a place of potential and it would really be nice to see it going towards the right direction in the future.

Seriously Ice Cream
Blk 4 Everton Park
Singapore 080004

Facebook Page:


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