Sarnies – Telok Ayer Street

Sarnies had been operating for quite a while now, and it is known for serving delectable sandwiches as well as great coffee roasted in-house. The idea to check this place out came after the visit to The Lokal, which is co-owned by Sarnies as we were rather impressed by the food there.

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We visited Sarnies on a weekend, and they offer a seperate weekend brunch menu that is different from their usual weekday offerings.

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(Fry-Up with Eggs, Baked Beans, Mushroom, Home-Cured Bacon and a real sausage)

Deciding to share a single meal and a dessert, we got ourselves the Fry-Up with Eggs, Baked Beans, Mushroom, Home-Cured Bacon and a real sausage; essentially the full works. It also came with two toasts to smear the baked beans atop; a crispy toast that was made savoury as the beefy and tangy baked beans made it to be such. Eggs came with two options; fried or scrambled which we went for the latter. It was fine, though I would have preferred it runnier. Sauteed mushrooms were soft and earthy, and the bacon were crispy but not too dry; my partner found it extremely salty though. The real sausage was great; did not feel any bit processed as the meat was packed not too tightly and lightly spiced for flavour. Everything on the plate was so good, it was really breakfast fit for the king!

 photo IMG_2342_zps8970e204.jpg

(Pain Au Chocolat)

For the dessert, we went for the Pain Au Chocolat, a flaky danish that was light and had two soft chocolate bars in between that smears itself on the pastry when cut. Simply delectable!

 photo IMG_2338_zps3a6a91b8.jpg

(Flat White)

As mentioned, Sarnies roast their own beans, and their roasted beans are even used in various cafes such as The Lokal and One Shot Coffee. Nobody still does a Flat White as mean as theirs; light on acidity yet having a robust body. No wonder their coffee is so widely raved!

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It takes a visit to realise why Sarnies is such a popular cafe despite its age; everything here not only looks great, they also taste great. Their ingredients are fresh, and many items are also made in house. With this level of care taken to their food, it is no wonder why Sarnies have won the hearts of the cafehoppers of Singapore.

136 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068601

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