Old Hen Coffee Bar – 88 Rangoon

Guess the vicinity around Jalan Besar is starting to get infected with the many cafes opening in that area, even Farrer Park is not spared. Pek Kio had seen openings such as aBite and P. Bistro, and Rangoon had Woodshed. Now it is Old Hen Coffee Bar.

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I got to know their opening from Facebook and Instagram, but I also learnt somewhere along the way that it is opened by people whom my friend seems to know. The space is clean; faux concrete and wood; reminds me of Percolate somehow. While I was there, they were serving their soft launch menu, which consisted of coffee (from Oriole), tea (by Gryphon) and two food items; a Muesli and a waffle.

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(Buttermilk Waffles)

Ordered their Buttermilk Waffles. It originally comes with Blueberry Compote but they were out of that so they replaced it with poached apples for mine. Buttermilk fragrance was evident, while the waffle itself was toasted just nice to be crisp yet soft, but retaining a cooked through texture as it was more bread-like inside. The overall result was brilliant; the sweetness from the soft poached apples matched well with the strawberries and the slight tartness of honey-infused yogurt, and the chocolate sauce drizzled was yet another dimension of sweetness added.

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(Cold Brew – White)

Cold Brews are also undeniably one of their specialities. On the day of my visit, only the White ones were available. Undeniably creamy, the White Cold Brews were really satisfying in hot weather. Their take involved a tinge of sweetness, creating a very malt-like sweetness at the end of each sip.

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Cafes have sprung up all across Singapore, and there are really one too many around. However, the entrepreneurial spirit of the three young adults behind Old Hen Coffee Bar deserves to be commended, for the amount of effort they put to give this place their own character can be felt. I would be waiting for my next visit soon, probably to have a take on their food menu after they are done with the soft launch to see how things would be like. Meanwhile, let’s show some support to them; it is a spot that cold brew lovers especially should not miss!

Old Hen Coffee Bar
Rangoon 88
88 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218374

Web Page: http://oldhencoffee.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/oldhencoffee


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