TART – The Star Vista (Closed)

(TART had since ceased operations.)

Newly opened at The Star Vista, TART is a kiosk that specialises in everything tarts.

 photo IMG_1972_zps6fb67997.jpg

It’s rare to see a specialty kiosk such as this to have a dine-in, which is definitely a plus for TART because it has a generous amount of seatings. Tarts here comes in two sizes, the petite ones or in tart slices, and comes in two general types; cream or fruit. It is also notable that they do sell whole tarts, which can be useful for parties.

 photo IMG_1967_zps884551fe.jpg


Wanting to sample everything, I went with three of their petite ones (also the minimum one can order). Matcha was one of the flavours which I went for without hesitation. I loved their tart base; cookie-like base that was not too dense and also did not create a mess on the plate, but the cream was strong with buttercream and too light on matcha. The Azuki beans however added a slight sweet touch to it, which was a great addition.

 photo IMG_1969_zps227676c4.jpg

(Black Sesame)

Black Sesame was better; I loved how the sesame fragrance was complimented with the buttercream and even created a slight grainy texture with it.

 photo IMG_1968_zpsabb7d872.jpg


The best in my opinion however was the Kiwi. I am no lover of fruit tarts but this converted me; the tart Kiwi which was slightly sour went so well with the sweet custard-like cream, and the petite size made it easy to be had.

 photo IMG_1970_zps6d4e9289.jpg

Honestly, I am one who rarely have tarts but I am impressed by the ones by TART. And with the many cupcake shops around, would tarts be the next up and coming trend? We shall let time decide …

The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore 138617

Web Page: http://www.tart.com.sg/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TartSG


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