Chocolate Mark – Wilkie Edge (Closed)

(Chocolate Mark had since ceased operations.)

Located in Wilkie Edge, Chocolate Mark is yet another option for the students of Kaplan City Campus to hang out at.

 photo IMG_2150_zps6c618690.jpg

While most of the cafes these days put a focus on artisan coffee, Chocolate Mark instead specialises on chocolate. The menu revolves around Chocolate-based drinks, as well as non-chocolate drinks such as coffee. A handful of pastries are also available.

 photo IMG_2094_zpse4567f76.jpg

(Ham & Cheese Croissant)

An ongoing promotion entitles a free pastry to go along with a cup of chocolate. Petite-sized, the Ham & Cheese croissant is warmed up before serving. It is well-filled with cheese, though overall it felt rather standard and passable, though it was also felt a bit stale somehow.

 photo IMG_2095_zpsd3a2d15a.jpg

(Lemon Tart)

If anything, the Lemon Tart was a safer option. The tart base was more cake-like, and it gives a bit of sweet flavour to the well-balanced taste of the lemon curd, which was zingy but not too sweet as well. Taste-wise was rather decent, though not particularly mind-blowing but the balance of flavours was perfect.

 photo IMG_2093_zps638a3075.jpg


Their specialty was their hot chocolate, all of which available in different percentages of cacao. Mexique comes with 60% cacao, which is bittersweet and spiked with liquor which gave it an indulgent touch. It’s worth to note that the drink was rich and smooth, and it also did not feel particularly heaty as it did not leave a burning sensation down the throat as well.

 photo IMG_2099_zps78f2642a.jpg

While the pastries and bakes at Chocolate Mark was a wee bit underwhelming for me, I was pretty impressed by how the beverage turned out. Probably I might have tried the wrong ones, but it would be nice to see Chocolate Mark come up with chocolate desserts (Chocolate Truffles maybe?) to further strengthen their identity. Oh yes; they also have electric sockets for those who would want to do some serious work here, though the weak aircon does make one feel like leaving after a short while.

Chocolate Mark
Wilkie Edge
8 Wilkie Road
Singapore 228095

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