Sunday Folks – Chip Bee Gardens

One of the most anticipated openings of the year, Sunday Folks had recently just opened its doors to the public amidst much hype surrounding it.

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Despite being related to Creamier, the decor seems way more sleek and tasteful than its sister. I also loved how Sunday Folks is rather spacious in comparison, as Creamier felt extremely claustrophobic with closely packed furnishings. For it’s soft launch, Sunday Folks offers Creamier’s signature waffles with familiar flavours of soft-serve ice-cream. There are also a selection of toppings available for add-on if you fancy. If you fancy something different from Creamier, you could also try their soft-serve ice-cream in their handmade cones, as well as a few bakes on display.

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(Waffles with Earl Grey Lavender Soft-Serve with additional Noma White Chocolate toppings)

Six flavours of soft-serve are available for the ice-cream, separated in two groups with different prices. Both my dining partner and I whom have been to Creamier had varied opinions on the waffles served at Sunday Folks; my dining partner preferred Creamier instead for unknown reasons but myself preferring Sunday Folks as it was more crisp and fresh (I had a premade waffle at Creamier which was left behind when we reached). However, we did a unanimous agreement that the soft-serve was a bit more milky and less rich than the scooped version, though it was lighter and less filling as well. We also added a premium topping; the Noma Green Tea which was white chocolate covered in Matcha powder which matched the Earl Grey Lavender soft-serve well due to both being tea flavours.

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(Matcha Cake)

My Matcha-obsessed dining partner decided that we should also go for a Matcha Cake, which is supplied from The Ugly Cake Shop. We loved how light and airy the cake was; could not understand what my dining partner meant when he said it was “too fluffy”, but that deep Matcha flavour is bound to get into the good books of Matcha lovers.

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(Flat White)

I am not sure if its me visiting Creamier at the wrong time, but usually the coffee I have there often comes burnt and bitter which is why I hesitated ordering coffee initially. I must say that I was not disappointed with Sunday Folks though; the Flat White was creamy, roasty and had nutty accents. Also worth noting was that it remained smooth throughout without bubbling up. This certainly changed my perception on the coffee here!

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Honestly, I was hyped up over the opening of Sunday Folks, but still remain skeptical due to their relation to Creamier. I am glad that Sunday Folks took what was not in Creamier’s favour and fixed them with the opening of Sunday Folks . I also liked it that the service staff were friendly, polite and even enthusiastic; a rare find in cafes these days. Let’s wish that Sunday Folks would keep up with its standards, and may the future be in their favour!

Sunday Folks
Chip Bee Gardens
44 Jalan Merah Saga
Singapore 278116

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