Mu Parlour – Holland Village (Closed)

(This F&B establishment has since ceased operations.)

It was not really a planned trip; the reason we went to Mu Parlour for dinner was because it was a spontaneous meet-up that occurred last minute and the venue was chosen as most other places were fully reserved for Valentine’s Day, with the exception of Mu Parlour where one table was available.

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Opened for quite some time, we have heard much of the food served here, where many have commented on their desserts and burgers.

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(Burger No. 1)

After some intense decision-making we decided to go for Burger No. 1, which seems to be the most basic of the lot. This comes with a beef patty, bacon, gherkin and Monterey Jack cheese all in between the signature black buns of Mu Parlour, with an accompanying side of Garlic Fries. The top burger bun was crispy and fluffy, and the beef patty was tender and did not taste gamey. We loved the layer of spicy sauce beneath the bacon and beef, which kicks up the flavour of the burger. Bacon was chewy rather than crispy. The bottom burger bun was somewhat disappointing though, which was soaked in liquid possibly from the ingredients and therefore unusually wet. The fries were crispy and flavourful but we would have loved it more if they went easy with the garlic over it.

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(Chocolate Tart)

There is an option of getting the burger as a complete meal by adding $5 for a milkshake or $8 for coffee and Dessert of the Day. The Dessert of the Day was the Chocolate Tart; a dessert that unfortunately fell short of hitting the mark. The tart base was limp and the chocolate mousse had a weird fishy aftertaste and somehow just did not come together at all.

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(Poached Eggs and Spicy Sausages)

We wanted to have a try at the Waffle Big Breakfast to have a taste on their waffles, but was forced to change the order to a Poached Eggs with Spicy Sausage because it was unavailable. The Hollandaise sauce felt a tad buttery and creamy, though it was fine for me. The eggs were flowy but the whites could have been less stiff as well, while the bread was soft and fluffy. There were quite a few hard bits in the garden salad which ruined the overall texture of it to the extent that I just gave it up halfway (I am very sensitive when it comes to hard/gritty stuff in my food). Spicy sausages were a nice savoury touch and spicy kick to the dish, but were however tough and dry. The same Garlic Fries served in the burger set appears on this dish again.

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(Latte & Flat White)

My dining partner opted for the Latte for his set meal, while I got myself a cup of Flat White. Mu Parlour uses their own house blend, which they proudly call as Blend 21. Described as a chocolatey and fruity mix that includes Kiwi and Orangey flavours, the coffee was bright-tasting at the start with a nuttier finish. It felt rather different for the first few sips and may not appeal to all, but gets better with every sip.

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Honestly speaking, many have spoken of different opinions on the food served at Mu Parlour. From my visit, the burger seemed so near to being impressive, but just fell short on a factor that was important of achieving the impression. The same goes for other items as well. This cafe does look like it has got some potential, but the issues needs to be fixed in order for it to progress further. Hopefully the food would be able to improve in the future.

Mu Parlour
16A Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277677

Telephone: +65 6466 9336

Web Page:
Facebook Page:

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