Saigon Kitchen – Thomson Plaza (Closed)

(Saigon Kitchen had since ceased operations.)

Thomson Plaza is one of our usual haunts for lunch spots, especially since it is just a short distance away from where we work. Having noticed a new Vietnamese eatery that sprouted up within the mall, we decided to head down on a day after work to give it a try.

 photo IMG_1659_zpsec31b2ce.jpg

Taking over a crepe shop, the outlook of the space had not changed much; retaining most of the furnishings and the entire layout of the stall. Menu items are rather limited, with only one side and four types of mains; Bahn Mi, Pho, Vietnamese Noodle Salad and Vietnamese Combination Rice; all with similar choices of meat.

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(Grilled Chicken Rice Rolls)

The only side was the Rice Rolls, which we opted for the Grilled Chicken variant on random. Filled with grilled chicken, vermicelli and carrots with other vegetables, it was clean-tasting but flavourful; much from the grilled chicken which was tender and savoury that contains a hint of lemongrass in it. Coming with a Thai-style sweet chilli sauce, it gave much of the punch in its flavour.

 photo IMG_1655_zps6c7a0bf9.jpg

(Grilled Lemongrass Pork Vietnamese Noodle Salad)

My dining partner was going for the Combination Rice until he saw the Vietnamese Noodle Salad; a Vietnamese dish rarely found in Singapore that he recalled from his days in Brisbane. He opted for Grilled Lemongrass Pork, which made the dish tasted pretty authentic with its flavour. Coupling up with vegetables, carrots, vermicelli and fried spring rolls, it was not exactly completely clean-tasting; especially with all the fried items, but was sufficiently sinful as well without feeling too guilty from all the meat and fried items. Apparently, an elderly lady who walked past us asked if this was the Vietnamese Noodle Salad that she claimed she had the other day and told us we made the right choice on the menu; we could not have agreed more!

 photo IMG_1653_zpsbb3d6d34.jpg

(Grilled Pork Vietnamese Combination Rice)

Was not in the mood for Pho, so I took the Grilled Pork Combination Rice. I loved the Grilled Pork that was all savoury and tender, but came without the T-bone; it had a light touch of lemongrass flavour which made it taste so Vietnam-ish. Even the pickled carrots were sweet and crunchy; the only miss I thought was the fried egg, which came without any odour of overused oil but I was missing my sunny-side-up somehow …

With quality and delectable Vietnamese fare being served, Saigon Kitchen is on its way to a good start. The menu offerings may be limited, but everything seemed satisfying. One of the problems here is the lack of specific ingredients; whilst the menu lists a selection of condiments for the Rice Rolls, a large number of it was not available which we found rather questionable. However, if you are around in Thomson wanting to look for good Vietnamese fare that is light on the stomach, Saigon Kitchen would be a spot that is worth a go.

Saigon Kitchen
Thomson Plaza
301 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574408


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  1. Penny says:

    They served rice from pot bottom for lunch!

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