Fish Tales – *SCAPE

While there are many eateries popping up at many corners of Singapore, there is a lack of fish specialty eateries around. This is one of the reasons why Fish Tales was a to-go spot for us when we found out about them, which we checked it out two weeks after its official opening.

Fish Tales takes up a simple shop space as its counter and kitchen, while its seats gets scattered across beside the shopping aisles. Being a fish specialty store, the menu is based on seafood, dividing into Fishhh, Burger, Pasta and sides. For beverages, apart from the usual canned drinks they also serve Italian Sodas, Teas and Coffee.


For a side, we went with Calamari, which was crispy and well-seasoned though it tasted quite similar to the seasoning used in Calbee Prawn Sticks. There was a choice of dips; Chili, Tartar or Cheese, which we went for the latter. It was rather disappointing though; despite its thickness it was too weak in flavour and did not really had any cheesy factor in it.

(Fiery Fish)

Since Fish & Chips was the specialty of Fish Tales, I thought it would be good if we went for the Fiery Fish. The portion was really generous; a huge slab of fish sitting atop a bed of chips, with the spicy sauce accompanying it by the side. It’s size came quite a bit of an unfortunate thing for us; the fish itself was pretty overcooked as it became rather stiff, and it was marinated in a strange sour sauce which we thought came rather unnecessary as it gave the fish a rather quirky flavour. The spicy sauce was not too spectacular either; it came tasting a wee bit like Chili Beef but seemed a tad weak with a moderate amount of sweetness which seemed pretty odd. Chips were pretty good; crispy skin-on potatoes that were fluffy but came with just a little too much salt. We reckoned that there was so many flavours going in there it became a really confused dish that was mentally draining to have, trying to decipher what was going on in each condiment and was too heavy-tasting that we were having problems just trying to finish it.

(Popcorn Fish Pasta)

Glad to say that the Popcorn Fish Pasta was way better; coming with Aglio Olio pasta, the Angel Hair pasta was well tossed in olive oil, capsicums and other herbs and spices that made it simply flavourful and fragrant; though albeit on the greasy side. The Popcorn Fish bites were also fine, though was nothing much to shout about.


One of the reasons I wanted to come here so badly was also because of the Instagram photos I had seen about their coffee. Despite being a bistro-style eatery, Fish Tales do serve artisan coffee that comes complete with latte art; a major bonus. Despite so, it seemed that the staff had not much knowledge on coffee. Apart from the milkiness however, we could detect a nice chocolate finish to the Latte that we had.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Being a place that has their emphasis set on fish, the Fish & Chips were rather disappointing to have; in fact Fish Tales has a lot to improve on their food although the winning factor could be its portion for the pricing. They do however serve rather good pasta, and seem to serve decent coffee if one is not too picky about it; a plus factor for them as well. Hopefully they could do some fine-tuning to their food; this is a niche that not a lot of eateries out there would touch on, which sees some great potential if Fish Tales would manage to pull off with more quality food being served in the future.

Fish Tales
2 Orchard Link
Singapore 237978

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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