Oblong – Maju Avenue

Having visited Oblong at its Balmoral Plaza outlet quite some time back, the ice-cream was decent but not really memorable. Ever since then, they have caught on with the waffle craze and offer a variety of them which got me rather interested to try them out again.

 photo IMG_9858_zps7d6a94fe.jpg

Unlike the cramped Balmoral Plaza outlet, it takes up a shophouse space which means more space for comfort. Besides the usual ice-cream and various waffles they offer, the outlet at Maju Avenue also serves up coffee which are made from blends from Papa Pahelta.

 photo IMG_9853_zps85250172.jpg

(Red Velvet Waffles with Earl Grey Lavender Ice-Cream)</em


Amongst the Buttermilk, Red Velvet and Bamboo Charcoal Waffles, we decided to go for the Red Velvet which is widely raved on Instagram. We also added a scoop of Earl Grey Lavender ice-cream, and our choice of drizzle was maple syrup.

 photo IMG_9854_zps01d85dcf.jpg

(Red Velvet Waffles with Earl Grey Lavender Ice-Cream)

To replicate Red Velvet Cake, the waffles came with a layer of cream cheese in between apart from its maroon appearance. The waffles were crispy with its eggy, fragrant batter much like any usual waffle, but the cream cheese did add a light flavour that made it feel different from what we are familiar with. Aromatic and refreshing, the Earl Grey Lavender ice-cream was not too milky in order to bring out the fragrant tea flavours, while the maple syrup just adds another dimension of sweetness to the waffle.

 photo IMG_9857_zpsba15a3fb.jpg

Oblong may not be a name that I would think of first when it comes to ice-cream, but if you do love waffles and want to try one that incorporates different tastes into the well-loved dessert, Oblong is a place that you should check out.

10 Maju Avenue
Singapore 556688

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/oblong.ice.cream

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