The Lokal – Neil Road

Having covered the coffee at The Lokal in the first one of the Food Notes series and being attracted to their sandwiches as a result, I decided to head back there on my next off day to check their mains out.

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A good thing in comparison to the first visit was that most of the crowd on the second day of operations were gone by the second week of operations, and while most tables are still filled during lunch hours, it felt more organised than the chaotic scene experienced on the first visit.

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(Roast Chicken Panini)

One of our dining partners were severely late so we decided to share the Roast Chicken Panini while waiting for him to arrive. Coming in Crispy Pancetta, Tomatoes, Avocado, Cos, Aioli and Bacon, it was served slightly near cold, as though it was meant to be a cold dish. The tomatoes were insanely fresh; sweet with a tangy flavour, matched well with smooth avocado puree that is used in place of butter and bacon which provided a touch of savouriness, while the chicken was tender and lightly roasted for some flavour. Even the bread was impressive; it has some sort of elasticity that gave it a real nice chew. It was easily one of the most memorable chicken sandwiches that I had.

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(Roast Beef on Rye)

When the second dining partner came, we went for the Roast Beef on Rye. If the Roast Chicken Panini was impressive, the Roast Beef on Rye was beyond words; crispy bread coupled with tender and succulent beef that did not taste gamey in any way with a balanced portion of vegetables to beef, it was so well proportioned that it did not feel tiring and we were left craving for more. Did I also mention that the caramalised onions were also really sweet?

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(Apple Pineapple Crumble with Vanilla ice-cream)

Our original decision was to get a side but we ended up undecided on which dessert to get instead as we were attracted to both the Sticky Date Pudding and Apple Pineapple Crumble Pie with Ice-Cream. Eventually, we went for the latter; a really sweet-yet-sour combination that was generous on chunks of both fruits and came with a real crunchy crumble and a vanilla ice-cream that was rich in its aroma. One of the dining partners found it too sweet for his liking, but the two of us thought that it was that that made the dessert so good.

 photo IMG_1616_zps5e315d9e.jpg

With most items coming around the $20 range, a meal at The Lokal can be considered rather pricey, but it is really well worth the price you pay for. The chefs here cure the meat, smokes their fish and prepare all the other ingredients by their own, all from scratch within public view from the open-concept kitchen; a visual feast for those sitting around the area. Furthermore, the food feels fresh, and felt really quality, which makes it really satiating. For those who are into brunch, The Lokal currently serves brunch only on weekends, and would soon introduce a dinner menu with a bar concept in the future.

The Lokal
136 Neil Road
Singapore 088865

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