Knead to Eat – UE Bizhub East

Knead to Eat is a sandwich bar located in the Changi Business Park area, mainly serving the office workers who have quite a limited choice of F&B options for their meals.

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My friend who works there had been constantly bugging me to head down there for a sandwich, which I reluctantly gave in after a while. Their menu here is largely based on sandwiches, and they do have vegetarian options as well. There is definitely coffee to appeal to the office crowd, and there are also soups and cakes available.

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(Roast Beef Sandwich)

My friend recommended me to have their Roast Beef Sandwich. Here, you can go with different types of bread, which he thought it would be good if I had the Ciabatta. Freshly made and toasted upon order, the Ciabatta was crisp, and the sliced beef was juicy and tender. The melted cheese adds to the overall oomph, and the onions added a crunch. Tomatoes created the juicy and refreshing flavour for the sandwich. There was also a slightly earthiness created by the sautéed mushrooms which were flavourful.

 photo IMG_0639_zpsbae104bf.jpg

(Pulled Pork Sandwich)

According to my friend, the Pulled Pork was a new item on the menu and he got a sample for me to try. This was a great combination of ingredients as it was savoury yet with a numbing touch that matched it perfectly. The Pulled Pork had a nice consistency as it was not too wet nor dry, but it was a slight gamey for me. It was not too disturbing however, and should not really bother most in fact.

 photo IMG_0638_zps7fe29eaa.jpg

(Flat White)

Flat White was made by their barista. It was robust and earthy; forgot to ask them which blends do they use for their coffee.

 photo IMG_0642_zps864e77b4.jpg

This place does seem to be quite popular with the office crowd, and even my friend admits that I have visited them on a very busy day. I have spotted several Caucasians in the queue during my visit as well. Nonetheless, Knead to Eat is a place that I would definitely have my sandwich fix if I am at the Changi Business Park area, and that is not because its not worth coming down on purpose, but because the location of the cafe is not very friendly for those whom are not familiar with the area.

Knead to Eat
UE BizHub East
North Tower
6 Changi Business Park Avenue 1
Singapore 486017

Web Page:
Facebook Page:

(Thanks Fabian for the endless (and annoying – just kidding :p) invite!)


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