Mamak Culture – Toa Payoh HDB Hub (Closed)

(Mamak Culture had since ceased operations.)

A new dining concept under the Gurney Drive group that also brought us brands such as Penang Street and Penang Culture, it’s first outlet is located at the bustling town centre of Toa Payoh Central.

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The location is hard to be missed. Basically located beside the iconic Ya Kun Family Cafe, it joins the likes of eateries that serve Malaysian-Singaporean delights. Unlike their neighbour though, Mamak Culture had completely done away with bread or toast sets in their menu, and only focuses on Roti Canai and Bryani sets. The decor theme also seems to veer towards modern, even to a certain extent of hipster to attract younger crowds.

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(Roti Egg & Roti Onion)

Since I was not so hungry to order a Bryani, I ordered a Roti Egg and Roti Onion. The Roti Canai here are the doughier ones which are stretchy, and while the Roti Egg was smooth without clumps of egg all over feeling much like a flat omelette in between, the Roti Onion had many chunks of unevenly cut onions inside. The curry sauce was tangy and sweet, with a light to medium level of spiciness that most should be able to handle.

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(Roti Plain)

My dining partner’s Roti Plain was much identical, less the extra ingredients. The same curry was served alongside too.

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(Mamak Fried Chicken Bryani)

We got our other dining partner to have the Mamak Fried Chicken Bryani set, which came in Basmati Rice, a fried chicken thigh, Pappadum and curry. The Basmati Rice was fragrant and flavourful, while the golden-brown fried chicken thigh was juicy, crispy and savoury. The Pappadum was a spoiler though, being all limp and soft much like it was left out in the open for too long. The same curry for the Roti Canai appears again here. For those who fancy their Mamak Fried Chicken or Pappadum (but why would you?), they are also available individually at a separate cost as a side dish too.

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(Kopi Tarik)

Being a place that concentrates on the Mamak Culture, I had to try out the Kopi Tarik. It came pre-stirred with condensed milk, so do tell them if it is too sweet or bland for your liking. It was not too bad, though it could have been stronger.

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Admittedly, Mamak Culture is definitely a pricier contender to the other eateries of similar nature. That to say though, we are not really disappointed with the food; in fact it seemed to proved us the saying of “you get what you pay for”. It definitely was a level higher in taste, and while it is not something anyone would make their way down for purposely, it is a very good option for a meal at Toa Payoh.

Mamak Culture
Toa Payoh Hub
Blk 490 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh
Singapore 310490

Web Page: (Web Page of Gurney Drive Group)
Facebook Page:

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