Milagro Spanish Restaurant – Orchard Central (Closed)

(Milagro Spanish Restaurant had since ceased operations.)

A newly opened restaurant in Orchard Central, Milagro Spanish Restaurant is a Spanish restaurant that is opened by a Singaporean.

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Keeping everything to the bare minimum, its interior is nearly bare except for a few ornaments here and there. The open windows provide ample sunlight in the restaurant which is warm and relaxing. Menu is varied; offering from tapas to mains such as Paella as well as entrees, with a selection of desserts as well. Wine is being served here too.

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(Pan-Fried Norwegian Salmon)

For the main, we decided to share the Pan-Fried Norwegian Salmon that came with sundried tomatoes, apples, fennel salad and polenta. Seasoned with salt, the salmon was flaky and succulent and seemed fresh. Skin was also rather crisp, while the parmesan foams added a savoury and foamy touch. The polenta was mushy but still had chewable bits which were light and enjoyable, mimicking some sort of mash. The fennel salad was crunchy, juicy and sweet, while the sundried tomatoes were soft and tangy. It was a marry of different textures and tastes, and it came off as rather decent.

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(Leche Frita)

These Leche Frita was my main purpose of the visit; its hard to find these Fried Milk Fritters in Singapore despite them being a traditional Spanish snack. I am not really sure how it is supposed to be like as it was our first attempt on the dish, but it was custardy on the inside and really milky tasting without being really sweet, while crispy on the outside. The cream at the side had a little tinge of orange in it; a great dip though overwhelmed that light milkiness of the fritters.

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(Hand-Pressed Churros)

Their Hand-Pressed Churros is being prepared upon order. Unlike the traditional Spanish ones, they came with cinnamon sugar, though it was not really enough to bring its flavour. We thought it was well-fried, but a bit too plain. A scorched caramel dip comes at the side, but was too burnt for our liking as it was relatively bitter.

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(English Breakfast Tea)

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(Cafe con Leche)

My dining partner ordered the English Breakfast Tea which came in a Dilmah tea bag while my Cafe con Leche was roasty but a wee bit too milky. Nonetheless it was good beverages to go with the food.

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I cannot judge if Milagro serves authentic Spanish fare, for I have not really had much Spanish food to begin with, but it was generally palatable; we only wished the food were served warmer as most of it were lukewarm when they arrived. The service here was fine except for one or two hiccups about getting sugar for the tea. Otherwise, Milagro’s Spanish Restaurant is value-for-money and pretty worth the visit for some Spanish food that does not break the budget.

Milagro Spanish Restaurant
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896

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