Ivan’s Carbina – Blk 354A Woodlands Ave 5

A lot of personal friends had always posted similar questions when they see me Instagram my food, where every time I seemed to be traveling everywhere else but my own neighborhood for food and suggested that I should probably write about something in the area.

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To be really frank, I gave up on my neighbourhood on food largely because its not only pricey here, but most stalls are also largely mediocre compared to the tastier and cheaper alternatives in older estate. That was quite until I found Ivan’s Carbina, a typical-looking western stall located in a food court within a multi-storey carpark that sells not only usual western fare, but Swiss Rosti as well.

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(Carbina’s Signature Chicken Chop with Roesti)

I was here specially for the Rosti, but also wanted to try their signature chicken chop rather badly; the best option to take was the Carbina’s Signature Chicken Chop with Roesti which brings you the best of both worlds. There are also other Roesti that comes with sausages and fried egg, as well as a plain one if you prefer it simple. A rare find in a neighbourhood western stall, it is also one of the largest Rosti I have ever seen. Well-seasoned with salt and was crispy on the exterior. The sour cream was also rather light and fresh; no choking sourness but a refreshing addition to lighten up the taste of the dish.Their signature chicken chop comes smothered in their mushroom sauce, and comes with an extra saucer of it just in case you can’t get enough of it. The chicken is well-grilled, tender and juicy, but a slight tough if left for a while so have it while its hot. Mushroom sauce was thick and earthy, but the old lukewarm temperature at which it is served was something that did not come well with my tastebuds.

For a random find which I decided to try after alighting at a random bus stop after taking a random bus, Ivan’s Carbina is rather worth the visit; after all it serves rare dishes not commonly found in food courts. I hope I will be back some day to try their pasta and see how it goes, but for now it has reassured me of one thing; the food in my neighbourhood is not really as bad as I assumed to be after all.

Ivan’s Carbina
Lucky Star Coffee Shop
Blk 354A Woodlands Ave 5
Singapore 730354

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ivans-Carbina/261936355662


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