Sunday Market – Lim Tua Tow Road (Closed)

(Sunday Market had since ceased operations.)

This week-old cafe takes over the former premises of The Factory, a cafe that used to be known for their fries with artisanal dips and waffles with ice-cream.

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Unlike its predecessor, Sunday Market takes on a more industrial theme, but still stays relatively clean at it. The menu is also different; taking a more Asian-fusion approach to brunch usuals. Various cakes are also available in the display for an after-meal dessert if you do not fancy the plated desserts they have.

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(Roast Duck with Garlic Hoisin and Crispy Eggs)

We were feeling a bit adventurous, so we decided on getting the Roast Duck with Garlic Hoisin and Crispy Eggs Pancakes. Seemingly a western-asian fusion that involves the concept of Peking Roast Duck, it was an interesting savoury pancake dish. The Roast Duck were infused to the Buttermilk batter of the pancake, creating a somewhat savoury (on the edge of salty) flavour to the fragrant Buttermilk Pancakes. The Crispy Eggs were egg white beaten and fried, creating a crispy and fluffy texture to the dish. The salad presented on the top creates the healthy impression, with it adding a refreshing touch. Garlic Hoisin sauce adds a tinge of savoury-sweet that enhanced the duck’s flavour. The one thing that quite disturbed us about the dish was that we found a bone hiding within the pancake; probably they need to be more careful handling their food.

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(Thai Dessert)

We shared a Thai Dessert to end off the meal. Described on the menu as “Mango Ice-Cream with Coconut Sago, White Chocolate, Lime Lemon Esquina and Lime Zest”. The mango ice-cream seemed fresh and natural as it had much of the sweetness of the fruit itself without much sugar and dairy added. Chili flakes are added for an interesting hint of spiciness. Mix up the ice-cream with the esquina and it invokes a sweet-sour taste that works well together. Digestive biscuits adds the crunchy touch, while the white chocolate adds the sweet break in between.

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(Flat White & Long Black)

Flat White was creamy with nutty accents. They use a blend of Robusta and Arabica beans for their coffee.

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Sunday Market offers quite a variety of interesting Asian-Western fusion dishes, all of which are rather daring creations. A real treat for the adventurous, it would definitely bring a thrill to the tastebuds if you do dare to try. Do bring along a friend if you do; the food here is generally heavy-tasting which makes it better to share.

Sunday Market
22 Lim Tua Tow Road
Singapore 547772

Telephone: +65 6287 8880

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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