Yoogane – Bugis Junction

One of the eateries that had Korean food lovers excited is Yoogane, an actual brand from Korea specialising in chicken on the grill.

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(Side dishes)

Free-flow side dishes are available. Expect the usual few, such as Kimchi and the seasoned radishes. There is also an odd salad that comes with a quirky pink Strawberry-flavoured dressing. My dining partners thought it was rather interesting as it was sweet, but it just felt a bit weird for me as it tasted really similar to a certain brand of Strawberry candy out there.

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(Yoogane Chicken Galbi)

Orders are taken outside before being seated so as to shorten the wait. Despite so, our Yoogane Chicken Galbi took 20 minutes to arrive as the restaurant was full-house. Thereafter, you would have to wait for the food to cook while the wait staff go around mixing the food before it gets properly served.

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(Yoogane Chicken Galbi)

The Yoogane Chicken Galbi comes with a myriad of ingredients; toppoki, chicken slices, leek and vegetables with the signature Korean hot sauce. The sauce was light at the beginning, but becomes quite spicy after a while. The chicken slices were tender, while the toppoki adds a “q” texture. Vegetables were a refreshing treat as well. We thought the portion was somewhat pathetic though; this was exactly how much we got for a two-person portion of the dish.

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(Chicken Bulgogi)

My dining partner was having an ulcer so us kind souls decided to split off the remaining two portions for the Chicken Bulgogi, one of the non-spicy dishes here. The marination was deep for the chicken slices, and the flavour was consistent. This dish was missing of the cabbages from the Chicken Galbi, but came with Straw Mushrooms instead. Again, the portion size was a wee bit little for two, though it was not really as bad.

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(Grape Demi Soda)

Since it was one of the few times I was in a Korean restaurant, I went for a Grape Demi-Soda. It was rather enjoyable until one of my dining partners had a small sip and told me it tasted similar to Fanta. That quite burst my bubble, but whatever it is, its still a great drink to couple up with all that barbecued meat.

Yoogane is unlikely to disappoint Korean food lovers with its taste and quality; the only letdown would be its quantity for price. The bill came up to $88.65 for four; a price that we could visit a Korean BBQ buffet for. While most would gladly go for the buffet, I guess Yoogane probably works better for people like me as it is definitely more well-balanced. Or perhaps its just me …

Bugis Junction
200 Victoria Street
Singapore 188021

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/yoogane.singapore


2 Comments Add yours

  1. anonymous says:

    but did it state the portion was for 2 pax?

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      The prices on the menu were all listed for one pax, but we did specifically told them two portions and we were also charged the price of two as well.

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