Sembawang Traditional Claypot Rice – Jalan Tampang

Newly opened around the area opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre, Sembawang Traditional Claypot Rice is located around the same area as You Huak Restaurant, which is also very well known for its White Beehoon. We had spotted it quite some time ago while travelling past the area after work, and decided to head down one day for dinner to try them out.

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(Original Claypot Rice – Large)

While the restaurant sells a small variety of side dishes much similar to tzechar stalls, the main dish here is the Original Claypot Rice. It comes in two sizes, regular (which feeds around 2) and large. We got ourselves the large, which was just nice for four of us with the addition of a few side dishes. The Claypot Rice here comes with vegetables, sausages, salted fish and chicken, which they were reasonable with. It did not really make the cut somehow; the Claypot Rice was served at a high temperature which burnt much of the rice at the bottom, causing too much rice charred despite our liking of charred rice in Claypot Rice usually as it felt rather sooty. The Soy Sauce was also not particularly flavourful, which quite dragged down the taste factor by a bit. The chicken was fine, but could have been better if it were more succulent than slightly dry. Despite so, it was a Claypot Rice that should suffice any cravings for the dish.

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(Fu Yong Omelette)

We also decided to order the Fu Yong Omelette, which was wholesome with onions, chili and vegetables. It was eggy and fluffy, and lacked any trace of the odour of overused oil.

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(Salted Egg Yolk & Century Egg Spinach)

For vegetables, we settled for the Salted Egg Yolk and Century Egg Spinach. This came in a salted yolk broth with century egg mixed in it which tasted rather savoury and added much flavour for the spinach, much similar to Spinach Egg Trio in tzechar stalls. Complimented with wolfberries, it added this light hint of sweetness that helped to balance out the heavy flavours of the salted egg for a more refreshing take on the dish.

There is not really much Claypot Rice stalls in the north, which is why Sembawang Tradtional Claypot Rice is a hidden gem in the area it is located. Sure; the food here may not be top-notch, but it does well enough to attract the crowds that are craving for some Claypot Rice for those living near it. It may not really be worth a trip on purpose, but this is a place that north-siders should check out.

Sembawang Traditional Claypot Rice
4 Jalan Tampang
Singapore 758948

Telephone: +65 6757 7144

Facebook Page:


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