Carvers & Co. – East Coast Road (Closed)

(Carvers & Co. had since operations at East Coast Road and been rebranded as CarversX at Asia Square Tower 1. The folks behind Carvers & Co. also run Wolf Burgers which has outlets at Pasarbella (Suntec City) and Changi City Point. Updated address of CarversX at the end of the post.)

Opened to much hype, Carvers & Co is one of the few new eateries to have opened at East Coast Road.

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Unlike hipster cafes of the late that had been serving brunch items that usually involves eggs, Carvers & Co takes on a different approached by putting roasts on its menu, as well as other mains that are less conventional though some brunch items are still available. The menu is rather creative; all clipped onto a book so you can literally flip it while browsing. Interestingly, Carvers & Co is being run by the former owner of One Man Coffee which is now currently run by a friend of the ex-owner.

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(Communal Truffle Fries)

It had been some time since we had truffle fries, so we were glad to see them serving Communal Truffle Fries. While they are all crispy, it seemed that there was a difference between “chips” and “fries” here, with the fries seemingly opened from a freezer pack with truffle oil drizzled over it and served. We could not help but noticed a few over-fried fries in the bowl, and the inconsistency in taste was noticeable as there were some parts which lacked the truffle aroma.

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(Farmhouse Frittata)

Wanting to try a brunch item but not wanting to go for the mainstream Scrambled Eggs, we went for the Farmhouse Frittata. It was somewhat like a quiche with cheese and bacon and comes with toast and garden salad on the side. The toasts were crispy and tasted rather spiced, but the garden salad was just uninspiring in its presentation, while the Frittata replicated a thicker Fu Rong Omelette with cheese and bacon inside.

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(Stewed Chicken)

Since my dining partner had a brunch item, I went with a main. Stewed Chicken was a dish that involved white wine and dates, and sounded very classy on paper. It was in fact luxurious, with the sauce tasting sweet from the dates and slightly sourish from the white wine; a combination seemingly odd at first but strangely appealing. The chicken was also tender and succulent; the only gripe was its size which seemed a tad small for a guy. The sides were a salad with raw celery and carrot in a certain drizzle; the celery being rather mild tasting so it was not exactly revolting, but still a rather odd combination somehow.

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(Flat White)

While the food were largely disappointing, the Flat White was rather robust with a strong acidity and a earthy tone for the finishing touch. Carvers & Co uses blends from Common Man Coffee Roasters, which assures the quality of its coffee.

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We had somewhat bore high expectations of Carvers & Co, especially when One Man Coffee impressed us so much, however the visit burst our bubble with its mediocre food and high prices. The food also took quite a long while to come, and at a point of time the cafe was full house but nothing was coming out of the kitchen. Hopefully things will improve, be it in the kitchen or on the food; the place has much potential and even has a great reputation for its history, and it would be a waste to see it slump any further.

Carvers & Co
43 East Coast Road
Singapore 428764

Asia Square Tower 1
8 Marina View
Singapore 018960

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Facebook Page:


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