Makiway Station – Katong Shopping Centre (Closed)

(Makiway Station had since ceased operations.)

Opened months ago in Katong Shopping Centre, Makiway had been silently operating amidst all the hype of recent cafe openings which got us busy around until recently being suggested for dinner with a group of friends.

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Previously known to be serving DIY maki and handrolls, we were taken aback when the current menu only serves bento, maki and other sides. It is also now run by two malay ladies, which seemed like a change of management though its something we were uncertain if it happened.

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(Smoked Salmon Cheese Maki)

Deciding to try the various categories of the menu, we chose the Smoked Salmon Cheese Maki. Terribly let down by its low quality ingredients, it was passable on freshness but lacked the premium feel. It really did not help when the cheese was so heavy tasting it covered off the remaining ingredients, including the smoked salmon. The Wasabi is just as uninspiring; seemingly squeezed out of a tube being slurry and such. At a price of $8 for 8 pieces, we could not really decide if it was deemed to be worth the quality or not.

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(Chicken Yakitori)

For a side, the Chicken Yakitori was fine but not outstanding. Chicken was tender and came off the stick cleanly and strongly marinated, but at the same time felt as if it was something that came off a freezer pack and served heated to us as it seemed rather generic at the same time.

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(Curry Chicken Bento Set)

Most of the bento sets consisted of fried food, including the Curry Chicken Bento set. We loved how they served both rice and the condiments separately, and the portion was rather generous with the rice carrying a tinge of sweetness. The problem came with the curry sauce which could be slightly thicker, and the carrots could have been cooked longer so as to soften them rather than serve it crunchy.

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After our meal, we realised the reason why the eatery was always empty; while some of the quality of the food remains rather questionable with its low prices, other items are extremely pricey for its quality. We also somewhat dislike the way that the food seemed rather off-the-shelves and served reheated; a bit lack of effort for an individually run eatery. Katong Shopping Center may be a shopping mall widely known for being dated or dead, but examples of success in running eateries are still evident; such as the story of The Humble Loaf. There is much potential in this stall, but hopefully the owners would have to realise that the operating model needs to be changed in order to up its game.

Makiway Station
Katong Shopping Centre
865 Mountbatten Road
Singapore 437844


2 Comments Add yours

  1. anonymous says:

    the humble loaf has closed. 😛

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Yeah. They are in the process of relocating to open a new cafe. A pity they have to move out of the mall but I guess its high time they should too to expand seating area and kitchen to maximise production.

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