Old Skool Dessert House – The Odeon Katong (Closed)

(Old Skool Dessert House had since ceased operations.)

Amidst the recent sprouting of hipster cafe comes Old Skool Dessert House; a dessert cafe situated in The Odeon Katong that focuses more on well-loved local desserts that is familiar to all generations alike.

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Given the naming, the cafe adopts a more old-school theme with the use of chalk boards for menus, simple furnishings and comes equipped with its own “detention corner” for patrons waiting for seats or takeaways. Both warm and cold desserts are available, ranging from Black Glutinous Rice to Snowflake, with a small variety of dimsum available. Beverages include coffee, where Latte, Long Black and Mocha is strangely included in the largely local-based menu.

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(Yam Cream with Gingko Nut)

We were rather torn between the Yam Cream with Gingko Nut and Black Glutinous Rice, so we went with our instincts by going for the former. It was decent and had a comfortable level of sweetness without cloying up as well as being smooth. Gingko Nuts were soft as well. While it was not too bothersome, it could do a bit better by being a bit thicker.

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(XO Durian Lovers)

XO Durian Lovers was one of the items that is highly recommended by the waitress for Durian lovers, and after a spoonful we could see the reason why. Thick, fibrous puree of XO Durian dumped in an equally thick and rich durian mousse, it was mildly sweet yet immensely flavoured by the pungent fruit with its strong flavour. So rich, so thick and so satisfying, it was moments before the entire bowl was finished and I was really hoping for another one more!

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With the trend of hipster cafes still going strong, Old Skool Dessert House breaks the endless chain by injecting a more local touch that none of the hipster cafes could offer. The desserts are generally great and worth the money, satisfying and brings back some nostalgic flavour of the past. It will be interesting to see how Old Skool Dessert House would be like in the future, but for now, I guess its going to be the place for me to satisfy all my Durian mousse cravings!

Old Skool Dessert House
The Odeon Katong
11 East Coast Road
Singapore 428722

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/oldskooldessert


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