Dulce & Sucre – Orchard Gateway (Closed)

(Dulce & Sucre had since ceased operations. Part of the stall had been rebranded as a Twelve Cupcakes outlet which is run by the same folks behind Dulce & Sucre.)

Following the opening of the newest mall along the shopping mall, Dulce & Sucre which is also the latest venture belonging to the Twelve Cupcakes family owned by former-DJ Daniel Ong and his wife, former actress Jamie Teo has also started its operations.

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Dulce means “sweet”, while Sucre is “sugar” in French. The menu here, therefore, consists of sweet treats, from cakes, whoopies and others such as tarts and Panna Cotta. There is also a counter dedicated for Twelve Cupcakes here, which makes it a convenient spot to takeaway some cupcakes after a cup of coffee.

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(Cranberry Pistachio Loaf)

Despite its cafe outlook, it somehow operates much like Starbucks where it is self-service and patrons are to self-collect their items. Two cake loaves were available that day, which I went for the Cranberry Pistachio Loaf. The cake loaf was more of an egg cake, which was pillowy than crumbly. Topped with cream cheese, pistachio and cranberries, it was light in flavour as the cream cheese was not particularly thick, but a bit foamy instead. The nutty flavour combined with the cranberries were rather refreshing, with more cranberries hidden in the base as well. With its size, this is also rather filling especially for those with smaller appetites.

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(Apple Crumble Tart)

A selection of tarts was available, which the Apple Crumble caught my eye. While the crumbs were sweet with sugar and crunchy, they seemed to be just placed over the tart as all the bits came off and created a mess on the table upon the first fork. The caramelised apples were nicely spiced with cinnamon and were not too sweet, but felt a bit flat on flavour. Tart base was thin enough and felt cookie-like.

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(Flat White)

Coffee is not Dulce & Sucre’s forte; while it is creamy the coffee was bitter and burnt. While I am one who does not really bother much on latte art, the high price tag at $4.90 makes me wonder what I am exactly paying for.

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This is Twelve Cupcake’s first attempt into the hipster cafe scene. While the menu has the variety, there are some things that seem a bit commercial about this place. I am not exactly sure of the direction of which Dulce & Sucre is heading, but apart from the coffee, I guess it is somewhat on the right track; may time tell.

Dulce & Sucre
Orchard Gateway
277 Orchard Road
Singapore 238858

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/DulceAndSucre


4 Comments Add yours

  1. wow you are very fast in checking out new places. Keep up the good work.

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Thank you! Hope you enjoyed reading the post! 🙂

  2. anonymous says:

    Agree with the above comment. This is why your blog is much more enjoyable to read than those cookie-cutter sponsored-media invitings-cum-invite-advertorial-commercialized blogs out there. And it’s such an irony that the same cookie-cutter sponsored-media invitings-cum-invite-advertorial-commercialized blog I am referring to is the one who commented above. 😛

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Everyone has their own style when it comes to writing and the way of running their blog. While we may not necessarily agree with the way they run, we have to respect them, especially as they are usually veterans who have more knowledge than like us newer bloggers who rarely receive media invites. It’s not about comparing who’s better here, but about sharing food and the passion that’s more important. 🙂

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