Bibigo Hot Stone – Suntec City Mall (Closed)

(Bibigo had since ceased all operations in Singapore.)

Opened with the first phase of renovations for Suntec City within the Fountain of Wealth zone, it is one of the few new tenants of Suntec City, which is also the newest outlet of Bibigo.

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While it is a restaurant, it seems rather mid-sized as compared to other commercial restaurants which are in the mall. The menu consists of many Korean cuisine, ranging from Bibimbap and other small bites such as marinated meat and the unmistakenably-Korean Tteobokki.



It would not be Korean enough if a meal at a Korean restaurant does not consist of Tteobokki, which is why we settled for one. The spicy sauce was part sweet, part spicy; a sauce with an intense taste and was thick, while the rice cake were chewy and springy. The vegetables gave the spiciness a break, which was refreshing as well.

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(Chicken Kimchi Fried Rice)

Chicken Kimchi Fried Rice came in a stone pot and also with a complementary soup. Bits of pickles vegetables can be tasted, which were also spicy and added a Kimchi flavour to the spicy rice. A good amount of Chicken chunks were also included; all of them tender and lightly marinated in spicy sauce as well. Charred bits of rice could be found for the extra crunch and flavour, while the egg yolk was runny.

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(Complimentary Soup)

Not particularly a fan of the soup, but it was clear and refreshing with a distinct taste of the vegetables in it and a light touch of spiciness from the chili added.

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(Potato Mattang)

For dessert, we had the Potato Mattang, which was fried Sweet Potato sticks coated in caramel served with candied walnuts and rice crackers. The sweet potato sticks were similar to Taiwanese Sweet Potato fries but with the batter of french fries, which gave it a sweet-salty combination from the caramel coated on the top. Rice crackers were plain but became sweet with the caramel while the candied walnuts tasted much like popcorn. A dish we would call unique, though does not fit everyone’s tastebuds.

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The Hoddeok was the one that most should be able to accept; a sweet pancake with a dash of cinnamon and caramel with an ice-cream on top, this is the dessert that would appeal to sweet tooths. The pancake seemed similar to the rice cakes, being chewy but significantly less stiff, which was a great combination to caramel. The ice-cream was a vanilla ice-cream that was somewhat sorbet-ish but seemingly quite icy; not exactly what I would prefer.

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(Iced Oolong Tea)

A variety of drinks are available, ranging from tea, coffee and alcohol. The Iced Oolong Tea came with an additional charge of $1 which is applicable for all iced drinks. They use teabags here, which is a great deal for chilled drinks as the melting of the ice cubes just acts as some sort of a “refill” for your tea.

I had not been to Korea before, so it is hard for me to judge on the authenticity of the food there. What I can say though is that it should be able to satisfy cravings for Korean food, and that the service was warm, hospitable and patient while they explain the various dishes they offer. I have heard some positive comments on their meat dishes and Kimchi, so I should be coming back to try them out soon!

Bibigo Hot Stone
Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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