Tenderfresh Classic – Cheong Chin Nam Road

The latest venture belonging to Mediacorp actor/host Ben Yeo, this bistro located at the heart of Bukit Timah brings the best of western food to the residents as well as late-night supper-goers to their patrons.

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Tenderfresh is a name most Singaporeans should have heard of; the name of crispy, fresh and juicy fried chicken located in most coffee shops during their heydays. Ben Yeo’s intention was to revive the name with its signature fried chicken, as well as infusing an extended menu of Paella Rice meals and pastas from the Play Kitchen branding which was Ben Yeo’s first F&B venture.

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(Marinated Mushrooms with Cherry Tomatoes)

Since the meal was going to be rather meaty, we went for a healthier side which we went for Marinated Mushrooms with Cherry Tomatoes. It started off rather weird and quirky; the juicy and somewhat zesty tomatoes just did not seem to hit a note with the earthy and flavourful cold mushrooms, but with each spoonful it became rather tolerable and in fact tastier with every bite. The mushrooms were able to break the monotony of the usual salad, and adding Parmesan cheese definitely adds on to the taste factor.

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(Fries with Wasabi Mayo)

The Fries with Wasabi Mayo did not really hit off well with two of us, who were big fans of wasabi. We found it too tame although it carried a distinct flavour of wasabi less the numbing factor, but the other dining partner who was not very receptive of wasabi loved it as it was not too strong. Personal preferences, I would say.

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(Lucky Set with Sambal Sauce)

Because it was Tenderfresh, I could not do without ordering fried chicken. The Lucky Set comes with two wings, fries and coleslaw. The fries were salted enough to taste with enough crisp, though I would love it thicker. Chicken Wings were huge, crispy and juicy. Tossed in a generous amount of sambal sauce, these wings reminded us of the days of Carona; carrying a real kick of spiciness that packs lots of oomph not meant for the light-hearted.

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(Grilled Tilapia with Aglio Olio & Sambal)

One of my dining partners went for the Grilled Tilapia with Aglio Olio & Sambal. The pasta was evenly tossed in herbs, chili, olive oil and pepper which carried a fragrant light yet peppery flavour; great enough on its own. On the other end, the Grilled Tilapia was well-grilled being crusty on the outside but felt rather dry and lacking of flavour. That was where the sambal sauce comes in handy, which adds a spicy kick to the fish. Interestingly the sambal sauce here is slightly different from the one served with the chicken, which is more dry and carried a heavier belachan taste.

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(Chicken Cutlet with Aglio Olio & Thai Sauce)

The other dining partner ordered a somewhat similar pasta, save for the Chicken Chop with Black Pepper sauce over it. To be honest, we were a bit confused with this dish; supposedly named Chicken Cutlet with Aglio Olio & Thai Sauce, we were expecting a fried cutlet than a grilled one and there was really nothing Thai with it. The Aglio Olio was as good, and the grilled chicken was juicy and fragrant. We loved how it was, but we were caught off guard by what it turned out to be in reality from the menu.

We were impressed with the quality of food, and I guess many actually did too and passed the word; the place had a very constant customer flow and queue with a filled restaurant despite being in business for only a week or two. If you are a chicken wing lover or someone who loved Tenderfresh from the past, Tenderfresh Classic is a must to visit, which definitely brings the standard of Tenderfresh of the good old days back!

Tenderfresh Classic
9 Cheong Chin Nam Road
Singapore 599734

Web Page: http://www.tenderfresh.com.sg/


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