Brew Maison – Alocassia Apartments

Situated within a private property, Brew Maison’s soft opening was not widely known when I decided to drop by after having past it a week or two before.

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The name seemed to drop hints that it is in fact Japanese-themed, but one of the staff said that the owner wanted it to be a more Korean-inspired joint. It is also interesting to note that despite it looking very much commercial with the likes of Costa Coffee or St Marc’s, it is actually an independently-owned cafe. The white faux-bricked interior and nature-inspired theme easily puts one into a sanctuary-like environment; definitely soothing for a cafe.

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The display case contains cakes and sandwiches, all pre-made and stored in a chiller ready to be warmed if requested. They also have a cooked food menu, mainly consisting of pasta, rice and even side dishes, ranging from cafe norms such as waffles to Japanese dishes such as Tori bites and salads.

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Since I had a dinner coming up, I thought it would be good if I stuck to a single cake. The Brownie had walnuts in them, and while it is definitely chocolatey, it fell into the pitfall of being a wee bit too dry. It was also crumbly, with bits of it disintegrated as soon as it was served.

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To go along with the Brownie, I went with the Latte. It was aromatic with a medium body and was milky and creamy. Quite a decent cuppa for a place that is not of much western influence.

Admittedly the food would not be the factor of what will draw me back, but it is one of the more comfy places to hang out now given how little people seemed to know of its existence. It is also one of the places that seemed to have done much of its preparation even before soft launch, where it is properly decorated and the menu being varied enough even during its soft launch. I would not be on a hurry to come back, but at least I have found a place for me to have a little peace and quiet if its needed.

Brew Maison
Alocassia Apartments
383 Bukit Timah Rd
Singapore 259727

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  1. anonymous says:

    I think you have feelers lol. 😛 how do you always manage to suss out the latest and newest cafes/eateries so fast??

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Haha I do keep in check with 8 Days Eat app, Burpple, Yummypin, Openrice, Facebook and hashtags from Instagram a lot. Managed to find Brew Maison the old school way though; was just passing by on the bus the other day and decided to go down a few weeks after.

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