126 Wan Dou Sek (搵到食) – Sims Ave

Geylang is a hotspot for late night supper, especially with its many locations for dimsum and porridge. 126, or better known as Wen Dou Sek is one of the well-known dim sum spots situated there. It’s name is actually a twist of its address, which means “found food” in cantonese.

A large number of dimsum items and tzechar dishes are available.


(Har Gow)

Har Gow was adequately sized but the skin seemed a wee bit too sticky and thin as the prawn dumplings stuck to each other and broke off as it got transferred to the plate. The prawns were however large, juicy and fresh.


(Siew Mai)

Siew Mai was fair in comparison, though it might be slightly smaller than usual. It tasted rather decent but nothing much to remember.


(Sweet Corn Custard Bun)

By its English name, the Sweet Corn Bun (or something along that line) tasted much like its description, with an adequately thick bun and sweet custard that had a faint flavour of corn in it. However, following its Chinese name, the Liu Sha Bao was deadly disappointing as it lacked much flowing goodness, and fell short by lacking the taste of salted egg in it.


(Xiao Long Bao)

Also slightly smaller than usual, the Xiao Long Bao had a skin that was unusually dry and contained little soup, even though it had sufficient meat filling inside.


The Potato Prawns served here are very much similar to those sold in supermarkets; basically they are prawns wrapped within potato. They were crispy and full of flavour, which was definitely a joy to have.


(Fried Char Siew Bun)

We initially thought that they had ran out of the Fried Char Siew Bun, however we had mistaken it as the Char Siew Pastry. The Fried Char Siew Buns are essentially Char Siew Buns thrown in the deep fryer. They had a nice crisp exterior which was mildly sweet, and the fillings were also consistently marinated with sticky honey. Most at the table were fine with it, but I personally found it a bit too sweet for my liking.


(Crispy Yam Pie)

Crispy Yam Pie was another dish that we really enjoyed. Bite-sized fritters with yam paste contained within, it was not overwhelmingly sweet. There is also no milk or cream added to the taro filling, thus maintaing its original flavour that makes it so addicting to have.


(Steamed Beancurd Roll with Prawn)

Seemingly dumped into a broth, the Steamed Beancurd Roll with Prawns may seem unappealing, but the first taste changed all of our impressions of the dish. The broth it was soaked in tasted rather similar to Cream of Corn, and was rather complimenting to the Beancurd Roll. Accompanied with the juiciness and freshness of the prawns, this is a dish that we thoroughly enjoyed.


(Iced Honey Lemon)

Iced Honey Lemon was served in a plastic container usually user for soup noodles despite it being a beverage. It was reasonably sweet and contained some jelly for a chew.

While there were quite a few hits for their food, there were also plenty of misses. We noticed very much that their Chee Cheong Fun and Beancurd Roll items are generally well-executed, and that prawn dishes are fresh. The pitfalls however came with the sizes of the dimsum which were smaller than usual, and having a few offs in quality in the aspect of texture and taste. In general, the place seems overhyped, though in another angle they have to be credited for the hits in the other dishes. Hopefully they would improve on their weakness to bring up the value of its own dishes to make it more appealing as a supper spot from its competition.

126 Wan Dou Sek (搵到食)
126 Sims Avenue
Singapore 387449

Telephone: +65 6746 4757

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/126-搵到食/185385724816474


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