My Awesome Cafe (真棒堂) – Telok Ayer Street

Settling in the iconic building that used to house Chung Hwa Free Clinic, My Awesome Cafe is yet another hipster cafe that makes use of a old shophouse retaining much of the historical elements into its design and decor.

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My Awesome Cafe is run by a few caucasians that have hotel, fitness and creative backgrounds, which seemed to paint an image that was healthy, innovative and high quality for the cafe’s menu. The industrial blood runs deep here, with cemented walls, big metallic fans and bare bulbs.

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(Smoked Salmon Quiche + Salad)

While usual brunch grub like Eggs Benedict is missing from the menu, there are items such as Scrambled Eggs and Croissants. I got myself a Smoked Salmon quiche that came with a garden salad and a choice of coffee. Savoury was the word to describe the quiche; smoked salmon just matched the cheesy layer on the top, while the Garden Salad topped with Vinegarette dressing was slightly bitter leaves.

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(Croissant with Ham & Cheese + Scrambled Eggs)

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(Croissant with Smoked Salmon + Scrambled Eggs)

My dining partners ordered both the Croissants with Scrambled Eggs; one with Ham & Cheese and one with Smoked Salmon. The croissant was fluffy inside and flaky outside and somehow contained a tinge of sweetness. Creamy and runny scrambled eggs were a great side that complimented the main dish well.

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(Flat White)

Flat White here is rather light-bodied, smooth and creamy. Loved the shape and the transparent glass cups that they come in which was aesthetically appealing.

Despite its industrial theme, My Awesome Cafe is in fact rather chill and comfy to sit in for a catch-up session with friends, especially since there are a lot of four-seater (and six-seaters) around. The decor feels raw, yet homely as it is full of nostalgia such as old school toys and even Betta stored in jars. The food is also rather decent, while service was homely with the owners being sincere and friendly while interacting with the patrons. We missed the pastries that they served here this time, since we were trying to leave some space for dessert at any place and also partially due to the fact we did not pay much attention to the display at the end of the cafe. However, I can forsee myself coming back again to try them in the near future!

My Awesome Cafe (真棒堂)
202 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068630

Web Page:
Facebook Page:


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