One Man Coffee – Upper Thomson Road

With the current wave of cafes opening around the island, small cafes are sprouting up in different parts of Singapore. One Man Coffee is the latest in the Thomson region, which shares the same premises as Crust, where the former operates in the day and the latter at night.

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Currently, only pastries and coffee with several other beverages are available. There was also a French Toast offered as a special of the day on our visit.

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(French Toast)

Since it was a special, we went straight ahead with the French Toast. Served with blueberry jam, candied walnutes and fresh cream, it sounded rather usual but we were very impressed with the toast itself. They were soft and custardy on the inside as the brioche was soaked in custard, along with the walnuts which were crunchy and full of nutty goodness. It was so good that we thought the dish could actually make do without the jam and cream as it stole much of the limelight from the toast itself.

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(Salted Caramel Danish)

I chose the Salted Caramel Danish. According to them, their pastries come from artisan bakery B.A.O. The pastries are warmed upon order. While it was great buttery goodness, the Danish felt rather limp and had crispiness lost, which made it pretty hard to cut through with a fork. At a point of time I simply had to use my hands or just stab the pastry with a fork just to eat it. Not everything was bad though; there was a nice layer of salted caramel in between which made it seem pretty flavourful. The walnuts sprinkled over the top also gave it a nice nutty crunch.

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(Flat White)

Ordered my usual Flat White, which seemed a tad milky to me. The blends used at One Man Coffee are from Stranger’s Reunion.

A clever way to maximize operations for a place previously only for dinner, One Man Coffee does offer a nice environment for an afternoon chill out. Hopefully they would be able to make use of their kitchen for a wider variety of dishes in the future, as many of the cafes within their vicinity do serve all-day breakfast sets apart from coffee and pastries.

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One Man Coffee
215R Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574349

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  1. Food Esteem says:

    Thanks for recommending 🙂 Looks like a nice place to chill in the afternoon with a cup of coffee and pastry!

    1. jiaksimipng says:

      Indeed it was! Heard they have started their brunch menu the week after I visited as well 🙂

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